Eating disorder

Would you believe me if I said that one of my fears a few years ago was eating a sandwich? Yes, a sandwich with butter, cheese or other topping, or just plain bread as it is. That was one of my greatest fears.

I lived on a very limited calorie intake and was mentally controlled, a sandwich or some bread could make me feel bad. It took me years to get comfortable eating bread, my so called weaknesses. I made bread become my weakness, because I removed it from my diet and made it as something "forbidden". And it just made me want it more. When I ate it, I started to overeat it.

Now many years later when I’ve had experience of different eating disorders, I can say that I learned that balance is the best and most important thing when it applies to health. I understand that this is the situation that occurs when you have "little demons" inside your head that controls your psyche, body, health and approach to food.

Today I eat bread without any problem. I eat with joy without feeling anxious afterwards, or fear that afterwards I will start to overeat or take methods to "get rid of what I’ve eaten." Balance and eating a little of everything is all that’s needed.



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