I talk a lot about the Culinary World Cup in November. I’m thinking about how important it is to be nice to yourself when a project is happening in your life. You know when you’re in a period when you have a project. That’s really important for you. It can be like working really hard to have money for something, an important exam, rehab training after an injury, or like now, the gold medal in November.

Projects takes energy and time, and it has the ability to devour your whole self. When this happens I know it’s so important  to take care of yourself. To not push yourself so freaking hard. To not keep up with this project at the same time when you want to have the perfect clean house - be the perfect sister, daughter and girlfriend - gym and train six times a week.

I’ve noticed myself how busy I am. I have together with thirteen other people one goal. We are in the middle of it and I have really hard time to focus on something else. That’s why I let go of everything else in my life (like that I rarely talk and see my friends, once a year if we’re lucky). Now these days I will try to relax from the thoughts of the competition and hug my little brother a lot!



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