30th November

Time just pass by. Busy in school. And it's only two weeks left before term break. Wake up, breakfast, school for hours, dinner, sleep. Need vacation. Need sunshine, turquoise water and sand between my toes. Hope the final exams in two weeks goes well so I can take a trip in peace. Got some new energy over the weekend though. The weather is pretty nice in Lucerne today and I have just eaten lunch and soon I'll go for a walk. Have a great Monday everyone! Hugs.


Just got back home one hour ago from Europa Park in Germany. It's one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe. The rides were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I've never seen so big rollercoasters before. The park were huge and beautiful. I had a lot of fun with my friends, but the weather...ice cold. I didn't take so many pictures either but I got a memory for life.

Sourdough bread with honey

So. freaking. delicious. bread. Not so beautiful, but the taste turned out amazing and I am very very very satisfied.

To make this bread you'll need
600g water
1120g flour (any flour you want)
375g wild yeast
20g yeast
150g sugar
35g honey

30g seasalt

Mix everything in a machine with a dough hook for 10min. Add seasalt and mix for 5min more. Oil a big container and let the dough sit in the fridge overnight. Bake for 25-30min at 200C (start with 225C and lower). Put some water in the oven to put steam in it, that makes a beautiful crust on the bread.

Wild yeast
-Day 1
1L water
800g rye flour

-Day 2
1L water
400g rye flour
400g white wheat flour

-Day 3 
1L water
400g rye flour
400g white wheat flour

Mix water and rye in a container/bowl. Plastic wrap it and let it sit in roomtemperature. The next day remove half of the wild yeast and feed according to day 2. Repeat as long as you want, the longer you have a wild yeast, the more the sour taste will be in the bread.

Good luck!

Mini diamonds.

Not a big fan of cookies, but they are nice to look at and it's always fun to bake.

Cookie monster

These days so far has been so much. It's cookie-week, and that means many recipes to go through. But rather have things to do than nothing. And my wild yeast experiement? Looking good. I'll show you tomorrow. Hugs.

A little bit christmas decoration today

Asian cuisine

Had lunch outside for the first time since I've been here in Lucerne today. It's hard to find overpriced restaurants here, and we always get breakfast - lunch - and dinnerbuffé in school so... But today me and Off decided to go and we chose asian food (ofcourse). I'm just saying - I enjoyed every bite.

Grilled pork with ginger/chili/garlic-sauce. I could eat this everyday. The sauce was to die for.

Offen had "Kao Lhao" (Beef noodle soup) but without noodles. She ate it with rice instead.

I had Tom Yam. Sour and hot soup with mushrooms, coconutmilk, shrimp and tomatoes. Served with rice.

First time trying "Khanom tom", and I really liked it. Coconutcaramel wrapped in ricepasta and then rolled in coconut.

Wild yeast

My little baby this week. The idea is that I'm going to make a sourdough bread on friday, and for that we need wild yeast. Baking sourdough bread is very easy. Mixing just flour and water, let it stand for a few days and then you'll have wild yeast that you can bake the most delicious bread on. But it is also a mystery and many wrong things can happen during the process. There are many different kinds of wild yeast, but I'm using rye - and white wheat flour. Let's see how it goes.

Morning walks in my heart.


What is love

Every sunday I get the chance to talk to the two most important persons in my life. My brother and my sister. We live in three completely different lives, but when we talk it feels so natural that we're siblings. I like sundays.

Meatballs with mashed potatoes

Today for lunch I basically went to IKEA for this. And this is heaven on a plate for me. Ofcourse you can't compare it to homemade (or my sisters meatballs and mashed potatoes) but it was still very satisfying. I miss swedish food a lot. I bought candles too because our orange doesn't smell good anymore...

Charlotte Royale with pineapple

Four pictures from my morning - One of our assignments this week.

Bathroom freshener.

Making your bathroom smell awesome doesn't have to be expensive. My and Off's attempt to fresh up our bathroom. 

No diggity


Two things you have to eat when you're in Paris.

I brought home matcha chocolate and some caramels for Off when I was in Paris. Words do not describe how good the caramels are from Jacques Genin. Amazing in texture, rich in buttery flavor, these little treats will forever change your life. Caramel goodness. And she/we loved the matcha chocolate with black sesame seeds too. 

Paris Day 4.

Fourth and last day. 

Sweet breakfast.


Near La Fyatte.


Matcha macaroons.

Pain au chocolat with pistage.


Everyone was so tired on the way back to Switzerland.

Happy to be back home.

My number one supporter

It was awesome being back on the basketball court again yesterday.

Paris Day 3.

Me and Charlotte spent our third day in Le Marais, and Lea went to Versaille.

Falafel for lunch. Good service, divine, filling and cheap.

Best falafel I've ever had.

I can't stop thinking about this ice cream. 

Notre - Dame de Paris.

Lover's Bridge.

Found a pretty skirt that was four sizes too big...

Kiloshop. You could buy shoes and clothes per kilo. 

We met up with some friends and had hot pot for dinner. It felt like I was sitting and eating in mommys kitchen for three hours.

In the metro that night on our way home, there was a guy singing and playing guitar sooo good. Couldn't wish for a more cosy ending of that day.

Brighter than sunshine

Goodmorning. Today I start class at 10, and I am enjoying that extra much this morning. Off and I woke up when the roomservice knocked on our door. Breakfast in bed <3 Now I'm going to do some homework, and soon my last classes for the week begins. And then it's weekend again. Have an awesome friday guys. Hugs.


Yesterday for lunch we made profiteroles for dessert. Simplicity at it's best. 


Paris Day 2.

Saturday morning we got ready for the second day in Paris.

We walked passed Sacré-Coeur aaaand... I had to freeze.

Paris-feeling; Cozy outdoor cafés and drinking coffee out of soupbowls.

I had croque madame for breakfast. Wowowowowow.

It was very sunny and hot outside.

Whenever Charlotte saw a red wall= photoshoot.

We were looking for a vintage market, and when we finally found it we got so dissapointed. It was a really creepy place, I will never go there again.

It was less creepy when we got further in, but still...didn't feel safe at all.

Here we just arrived to La Fayette. Taking an escalators up to one of the five floors.

Rose, salt - caramell, passionfruit - and chocolate and lemon macarons from Pierre Hermé. Expensive and overrated. But good.

L'éclair de Génie.

Sadaharu Aoki.

Another style of tubes to put caramel sauce in. Superfresh.

And the tasting begins.

Caramel and lemon éclairs. It was good but a liiiittlebit flavourless. 

Matcha - and caramel tarte, big raspberry and rose macaron, Opera.

This was so delicious, one of the top 3 best desserts I've ever eaten. A creamy matcha mousse, a buttery crispy tart shell, and – cut the tart open and out oozes – an intensely aromatic salted caramel. Stricly for caramel lovers.

At the top of La Fayette.



Lots of people were watching the view together.

Then we walked to the other side of Paris to buy some chocolate and caramels from Jacques Genin. Expensive, but so worth it.


We ate a lot of sushi.


23.00 walking home.


Just finished doing laundry with my best roommate. I don't know how many times I've said this, but I like her sooo much. Can't wish for a better roommate. Now we actually have a lot of things and work to do for school, but chilling before going to bed sounds better. Goodnight and hugs.


Friday evening in Paris.

Even though Paris was nice it's more nice to come home to Swiss air. Honestly, I thought Paris was dirty and the people were bitchy...BUT the pastry was awesome and there were a lot of things to do. We woke up early everymorning and walked around the whole day and night. 

We lived in a small but cozy appartement. Didn't spend so much time except for sleeping here.

We unpacked and the first thing we ate in Paris was chinese fastfood. It was soooo good.

Charlotte and Lea, my buddies that I was traveling with.

We waited for the metro to go to Champs-Elysées.

Freezing infront of Arc de Triomphe.

It got darker and we were strolling on Champs Elysées.

After asking so many people about the way to the Eiffeltower we finally found it. Here, on a bridge next to it.

Babyfreeze near the Eiffeltower.


We got closer and there wasn't so many people/tourists there (I can't handle a lot of people at the same time and place). And the tower was even more beautiful up close.

After walking around for a couple of hours, our feets were hurting so we sat down in a random café and ate desserts.

We ended our night with a walk home and realised that we lived just next to Sacré-Coeur.


Goodmorning. In about 30 min I will be on a train to Paris. I don't think I will be able to update over there, so see you guys when I get back. Hugs.


The best weekdays are when you're hurrying home from school, eat a bowl of instand-noodles, laces on a pair of high-heeled shoes and disappear into the night. Then you know that something good is happening. Tonight is one of those nights. Have a good one everyone.

St Honoré

Our first practical exam was to make a St Honoré. Puffpastry, pâte à choux base and bavarian cream. Many steps but I loved this exam, because of the time and love we put on this. Even though my cream was to runny I am still happy about my result. Now I have mid-term break!!!!!

School food

Today we ate à la carte for dinner in school. Duck, fish, lemon. Now I'm satisfied and happy. Tomorrow we have our last exam before the mid-term break...and it's practical. I will show you tomorrow what the exam was about. Hugs.

One month ago.

I was on a trip to Norway with this lady.

But first we visited her friend in Gothenburg.

First meal after sitting on a train for four hours. Was pretty nice after the trip, but otherwise not so good.

Ofcourse we had to eat at my favorite foodtruck.


The next day we took the bus to Oslo, and to my sister.


She had been in Hong Kong and bought home some mini-mooncakes. Cute and tasty.

And pocky aswell.

First meal in Oslo was duck.

My sister had bought bikecards for us to rent bicycles. Best way to explore a city.

Here, we were biking to a sushirestaurant.

Sister guiding.

"I have deep regards for you".

We went up so many stairs to see the view over Oslo.

There were chairs when we arrived. Luxury.

They suprised me by bringing me to a restaurant the last day. We ate a 12 course meal for my birthday.

Everything was pretty small, a lot of seafood. Interesting and well cooked.

Thumbs up for this trip. And on Friday me and two friends are taking the train to Paris, because we have mid-term break. Can't think of a more beautiful way to spend my long weekend.

Beautiful in white

First exams: check. Feeling: pretty good.

Bambi changed side

Yo Sunday and hello November! I am surprised every year how fast the time goes. Here, you have yesterdays Halloween makeup. Bambi. School and stress has taken over my days and tomorrow the exam week begins, have to study now before I throw myself in bed and sleep. Hugs.