"Eat My Laundry".

Chocolate muffins.

Olive - cheese - and herbs naanbread.

Fruit salad #1.

Fruit salad #2.

24 things I like.

1. Bus drivers who look at me in the eye and say "hello" when I walk on.
2. The feeling I have when I've just washed and combed my hair.
3. Freckles.
4. When me and a friend says a complete sentence at the same time, and we both laugh really loud afterwards and thinks 'God this is why she is my friend'.
5. Taking the train to another city for a lunch meeting and then back again.
6. Accidentally get a sharp photo of when all of my friends laughs.
7. The smell of freshly baked croissants
8. Getting an attack-hug by him and he hugs me so hard that I can feel it all over my body down to my toes.
9. Feeling so happy with a Spotify playlist that I've to listen through it five times in a row.
10. Trying new restaurants.
11. Meeting new people who understands me immediately and pulling hundreds of jokes in a row because you both are in a flow.
12. Taking a walk with songs I love to listen to in my headphones.
13. Eating something for the first time in my life.
14. Helping my little brother with math.
15. Perfectly cooked eggs, with creamy yellow yolks and perfectly peeled whites.
16. Cooking for a long time and eat it all alone on the prettiest plate in front of a TV-show. 
17. Giving my mother a gift that she likes so much that she has it on the living room table for several months.
18. Fleur de Sel Chocolate.
19. Buying high-heels and discover after a night out that they are comfortable too.
20. Eating lunch with my dad.
21. Greek yogurt with honey, berries and nuts for breakfast.
22. Warning that I'm sick but he kisses me anyway.
23. Eating what was left of the cake from the day before for breakfast.
24. Calling someone just to hear their voice.


The other day I finally signed my first contract at a gym in Switzerland. Even though it's quite expensive here, I don't regret it at all. And I've been at the gym everyday since that. I've found a nice flow in my training. It is such a satisfying feeling when it comes, the urge you get for training. Except pastry, training is one of my bigger hobbies. When I come home from work, I just want to go outside and breathe fresh air. A couple of years ago I overtrained my body. You're suppose to workout to feel good, but I worked out to not feel bad. Now I feel like I listen to my body's needs and allow it to operate. I don't measure training with time or results, I just go on feeling. And that's how I think training should feel.

Sunday Brunch

Prepared all kinds of different desserts today for our Sunday brunch. 


Photoshopped country

Yesterday I was strolling around in Montreux before I went to the gym on my day off. Switzerland is such a beautiful country. Tonight I'm finally going to skype with my little brother and hopefully my sister is going to join too. Work early tomorrow morning and then I'm planning to have a Sunday dinner with some friends. I'll see you, hugs.

Four pictures

I'm on my break right now. Just wanted to check in and say hi, and share some photos from the past few days.
I had popcorn with cayenne pepper for dinner a couple of days ago, and ofcourse I had to watch Masterchef. 
A building right next to my apartment where I live. One day I will read it and understand the whole text.
Lunch with a friend, I had salmon in two different cooking methods, quinoa and avocado salad. Then they had the biggest dessert table... we didn't manage to have so much from that.
I live right next to one of the largest department stores and I love walking around there just looking at all the different stuff they have. They have everything from clothing, cosmetics to food and restaurants. I see new things every time, like the other day I saw this piece of fat. I thought it was cool.


Eating right now before work. Had a beautiful morning stroll earlier, the summer is on it's way! Chao, I'll see you.
You'll never know what's under the egg.

Too much of the good stuff

Having fun with these snapchat settings on my day off. Had lunch with a friend earlier and I'm still very stuffed, food coma 2.0. Just been hanging in bed with my teddybear because of that. And I'm happy to say that I'm looking forward to my relaxing evening tonight too! Have an awesome Monday guys. Hugs.

Dumplings - Sunday

Sorry, I know it's a bit empty here. But to be honest, I've barely had 30min left during the days. Work has taken over, but I prefer having a lot to do than doing nothing. I'm not good at chilling. But today I was free, and we made dumplings and relaxed the whooole day inside (super-rainy outside). Now? More chilling.

Ultralight Beam

Bonjour! Ended work at six today and right after work I went out for a run, took a shower, cleaned and vacuumed the apartment, went out for a walk and now I'm waiting for my laundry to finish. A pretty productive day, but now I'm craving a footmassage so bad... But chilling the rest of the day sounds good too. Hugs guys.

Thierry Marx

It's a busy week at work this week because we have a two Michelin Star Chef here. In the pastry kitchen we have two different desserts that we are making for his menu. He is specialized in molecular gastronomy so I've been for the first time in my life using chemical stuff in pastry and I think it's really cool. Going back to work in 30min so I'm going to eat something now and get ready. Hugs!
Chocolate sorbet, brownie, passionfruit syfon, elastic chocolate ganache, passion fruit cream and sable.

Sake ice cream, white chocolate tuiles, candied chestnuts - tamarine - pear - and ginger, meringue, black sesame tuiles, chestnut cream, mandarine sauce, and exoticfruits cream


Two pictures of my day off today. Thaifood and Monoply. Cozy start of the week.


Discovering new places.

Home is not a place, it's a feeling

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind. Because with every step comes fear and pain, but also lessons to learn and happiness to gain. My journey has been a part of the experience. Because it’s not about where you end up, but how you get to where you are, and the experiences you gained on the way.

Four things I've learned;
- Good food and good eating are about risk. You never know what you don’t like until you try it.

- Wthout new ideas, success can become stale. Never settle for what you have already accomplished.

- You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.

- Im not afraid to look like an idiot. If you're scared of looking stupid, where are you ever going to go? You have to take risks to succeed, and most times, that means going out of your comfort zone and trying something new and unknown. 

Healthy Bountyballs

I made a healthy version of Bountybars today. With four ingredients you can make them too - SO HERE YOU GO!


300 g shredded coconuts
250g coconut milk
15g honey
200g dark chocolate

Mix the coconut, coconut milk and honey together. Put it in the fridge to make the mixture more stable to roll. Roll to balls and melt the chocolate. Dip the balls in chocolate and sprinkle on some salt (optional). Store in the fridge or in roomtemperature if you tempered your chocolate. Finito!!


I kick started my Wednesday with the regular oatmeal bowl - tastes better every time. Then work and then gym. Now I'm back home and having dinner before I put in my laundry and go out for a walk in this beautiful spring weather. And tonight I'm dating the bed and Masterchef. Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

Good news.

I finally went to a mobile operator and fixed internet today, so now I don't have any problems with finding wifi - smiley face. Just finished my dinner after a day with a lot of information about my new workplace, and everything was in french so it was a bit hard to understand everything. But I'm trying my best to understand and to speak in french but I get nervous and my confidence in french is not that high. We'll see in a couple of months if I've improved (hope so!). Guess what I'm going to do now. Watch Masterchef!! And then I finally get to skype with my best friend. I wish you a nice evening. Hugs.

Dinner: Soba noodles, peas, cucumber, eggs and chili.


My new apartment.

My new challenges and workplace.

Get up

Goodmorning! Getting in my work mode and having my oatmeal and ricecakes infront of Masterchef right now. Starting to like this show even more and more, and it's very inspirational. The rest of the week is mostly filled with work and I might go grocery shopping too, because I basically only have oatmeals in my pantry right now. Have a lovely Monday, hugs.


Sitting at Starbucks right now and taking their wifi. Drinking my green tea at the same time as I'm talking to mommy. Trying to work some things out through the internet but the wifi isn't that cooperating... Anyway, have an awesome Sunday guys. My photoalbum contains 70% pastry so that's all I can give you in pictureform right now. Hugs.


It will be a bit complicated for me to blog from now on because I don't have wifi in my apartment. There is no internet at all, but I will try to do my best to keep you updated. So it was my first day yesterday and I already feel so comfortable with the team. I'm going to get ready now for my second day of work! Hugs.