happy new year chicas


Omg, I'm so into my books I borrowed the other day. Maybe I'll write about them later when Ive finished reading. Last days now!! And I'm going to write a recap of my year sooner or later, and the pictures of Asia... hmm I'll let that be as a small surprise from me to you. Tomorrow it's New Year's Eve, the plans are cooking, eating and spending the last minutes with my family. And now I'm going to meet my friends, so see youuu.


The Christmas has been so cozy with my family, we've spent a lot of time together watching movies and cooking together. For Christmas my brother and sister cooked entrecôte and homemade fries, it turned out sooo good!! And I made crème brûlée, which was a bit to runny. I didn't photograph that much these days... Otherwise I met my friends, and I already caught a cold after ONE night out with them. But I would say it was totally worth it because my stomach still hurts after laughing so hard that night. This morning I made pancakes for breakfast and then me and my sister went out for a long walk, I borrowed some books (finally) to read, and now we're going to watch a movie. Cheers!

First week

Went Christmas shopping the whole day with my friends today, I didn't find anything but my friends did. I bought some ingredients for us to cook tomorrow for Christmas though. Just finished the gym and took a hot shower, and now I'm just going to relax with my sister!! If I don't update tomorrow, I wish you all a big Merry Christmas! (some pictures from my first week in Sweden)

Early hotel breakfast.
Visited my old workplace, they are making very beautiful Christmas desserts right now.
First attempt making Baklava.

Vietnam #2

I was not only in the city area in Vietnam, but also in the country side. I went with a family there so they showed me around, nothing much to do but it was another perspective of Vietnam. Also I was sick when I was there so it was hard for me to walk around and try to enjoy it because of my energy, I would have wanted to see more fields and walk around more than I did, but I'm still happy I got to see this side of Vietnam.

A house in the countryside.

I don't know what kind of fruit this was but it was awesome! Citric, sweet and se easy to eat. Asians often eat fruits with a spicemix - like chilipowder and salt. 

Coconut trees.

Me and a pair of many pair of sandals I had during my two months trip.



Here, I was covered in mud because I decided to walk in all the mud between the ricefields...

Natures selfiestick.

Dirty water and not so good icecream hahah.

Clean water was kept in these big jars. For cleaning, washing, shower etc.

This made me so angry and sad. They are kept in here and later people release them to make them fight against eachother. How animals are treated in Asia is... horrible.

Drying flowers to make tea.


Had an amazing cozy evening last night with my friends. It was so nice to finally get to see them, we made some tacos and ate some Christmas treats. I just love being home again. Today I don't have anything planed except for tonight when I'm going to practice basketball with my old team again. My sister asked me if I wanted to join her to the gym this morning but my body is so sore, since the day I came back I've been training everyday. Rest a bit for basketball tonight, maybe just take a walk? We'll see. Hugs to you guys!

Vietnam #1

First round of photos for you. These are all from when I was in Vietnam, where I started my trip.

I went to the beach one day, but it started to rain so I went to a café next to the beach and I got a table right next to these goldfish.


One of the few taxi rides I took. If you go to Vietnam, I don't recommend you to take taxi or car to move around. Rather motorcycle. Soooo much traffic...

Fish for dinner.

The best drink after water - coconut water.

You can find markets everywhere in Vietnam, I love the fruits in Asia!!!

My only bowl of Pho in Vietnam... I know, only one...and it wasn't that good. Moms the best.


Typical Vietnamese dish with rice noodles, tofu, different meats, herbs, salads and (stinky) dipping sauce. It was alright.

It's normal to have escargot, seashells, dipping sauces and beer as a midnight snack in Vietnam. Loud music and loud Vietnamese people.

Breakfast at a morning market. I don't know what it was... the lady just gave me something haha, but it was good. 

Scooter parking.


I rarely saw trees in Vietnam, or Asia in general. But the few times I did, it was beautiful.

Co Chi. I went and saw how the people in Vietnam protected themselves during the Vietnam War.  I got very very very impressed.

Sandals made out of tires.

Durian!!! Either you can't stand it or you love it, I love it.

Breakfast - Banh Mi Op La.

Baos in ChinaTown, I will always love these Chinese buns with all kinds of different fillings.

Tiger beer on Bui Vien street in Ho Chi Minh with a friend I met while traveling.
This is Banh Khot, like small fried pancakes with shrimp. You eat it with fish sauce and salad. It was really good, and the restaurant was PACKED.


Goodmorning guys. I don't know if I'm jetlagged or if it is my body saying that I don't need more sleep after seven hours, but I'm not tired. It feels great to be home though, I've been spending time with my family, playing basketball, baking some Christmas goods and yesterday my sister cut my hair a bit. My hair is so damaged, I wish I took care of it more... Otherwise right now I'm transfering all my photos from my trip to the computer, so later on I can show you! And after I'm going to the gym and then I'm meeting a friend. Okay going to continue transfering my pictures and make som green tea. Have a great day.

Fuel your wanderlust

Hellooo guys!! Still in Asia but I'm down to my last week of traveling. I have so many pictures I want to share with you, and so much to tell. Just be patient, I will be back in Europe soon and I'll be updating the blog again. Otherwise this trip has been amazing. I'm so thankful for my parents for letting me go, (after a couple of talks) they raised me in a way that allows me to handle the world by myself. I wanted to learn as much about Asia and the world as possible. But that’s only half the reason for the trip. I also wanted to learn if I could do it. I have always been a little afraid that I’ll get lonely, but that’s something I wanted to figure out. I wanted to know if I could be alone. And I did it. But still, I have a lot more see.