Everyday is cheat day

First attempt on making Cronuts. Didn't turn out perfect but it was fun making them.

Sunny Sunshine

What. A. Week. It's finally Friday people!! This week has passed by very quickly, only perceived that it was Monday and now it’s time for weekend again? I’ve got a lot done though so I guess that’s why the days have felt so fast. I went up early this morning and started the day with breakfast before some french. After that I went straight to the kitchen to prepare desserts for à la carte next week. And now I just came out of the shower and I'm thinking about going out for a walk before the sun goes down, the weather has been so nice here in Lucerne these couple of days. I wish you all an amazing weekend. Hugs.

Photo: Jimmy Tang

Calm Down

Now, finally, I can calm down. Cookie week and assignment is fucking done. What a relief!! Too little time to perfect everything, but I'm still really happy with what I ended up with and what the custome got to taste and see. Tonight together with the other ambassadors I'm going to show and teach the other students a little choreograpy for a flashmob next week. More about that later. Hugs!

Cassis shortbread sandwich with a cardamom filling and brownbutter oatmeal cookie.

Seasalt caramel and chocolate tart with pralinemousse, chocolate glaze and a caramelized hazelnut.

Rose and candied ginger shortbread.

Vanilla and mint sandwich with a key lime filling and a candied mint leaf on top.

Crème Brûlée Macaron with a vanilla buttercream and soft caramel inside.

Cookie week

This week we have cookie as an assignment. Thirty macarons, forurteen tartles, twenty biscuits and fourty sandwich cookies are the amount of products we have to produce under seven and a half hours. Let's see how that goes. Here's a sneekpeek on todays demo and class.

New Soul

Hello Sunday! Today I woke up so late after staying out a little bit too long last night. There has literally been NO plans so far and mostly I think I will stick to that the rest of my Sunday, because I finished all my work yesterday already. OK. I'm going back to bed to do nothing now. Or... I lied... I already am in bed.

Waking up with you

I love Fridays. Only have one class early in the morning and then I'm free from ten. Had glas noodles for lunch outside in the sun today, and I even finished doing laundry! Or almost... I hate it when everything doesn't come out dry, it has only happened ones though. So now I have over ten pairs of socks drying on my bed. Looks like I need my moms coaching. Now: Go for a walk and go to the asianshop with roomie. Hugs!

My new leather jacket

OK. Leather jackets are my weakness, and I've been searching for one for such a long time. Been borrowing my sisters for years, but when I was in Italy I finally found the perfect black leather jacket! So sis, you get to have your jacket for yourself now.


When life hits you

So the cake didn't come out as I wanted. The last minute just before the decoration I messed up really bad. But shit happens I guess. First time I was about to cry in the kitchen, I just felt that I've put so much time, passion and love for nothing. Except that, Chef said that the taste was like "Caribbean", exotic, and she really liked it. Alright, I promised you photos:

Vanilla - yoghurtmousse with a jaconde, coconutflan, mandarin bavaroise interior and pineapple - and coconut jelly.

Every person has two sides



Lucerne is delivering minus degrees now, and some snow actually, but not a lot. Anyhow, I just came back from a two hours basketball hang after a looong day in the pastry kitchen preparing and producing our cakes for the assignment. Looking forward to show you the result! And I'm pretty sure I will sleep like a baby tonight. Hugs!


Monday completed, now the bed is waiting for me. The following school days are going to be hectic. Tomorrow we're going to start with our cake assignment and the whole process continues until Thursday, ofcourse I will show you my result by then. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Hugs and Goodnight.

Work hard, play hard

After a week with a lot of work it's feels so good to finally rest a bit. I only have one thing to do this weekend, and that is to prepare for our first assignment this term. Otherwise I'm just going to turn my body and head to sleep mode and chill. Oh yeah by the way, we made a photobooth in the lobby yesterday. Now: Dinner.


The Feeling

Goodmorning. I slept till nine today and I don't remember the last time I had the chance to do that. It's been a lot since I came back from school because now I'm the Sports and Leisure Ambassador and Class Representative. Eating litchis for breakfast at the moment for some boost and energy before french. I'm going to get ready now, have an awesome day. Hugs.

All the way from Czech Republic

During the holiday my roommate was also traveling around and she got me one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. A small cute cup with an built-in straw. I told her along time ago that I don't like drinking coffee, soda and red wine without a straw. Lots of love to you Off.


Just had the longest shower after a morning run. I've missed running near the lake in Lucerne although it was raining a bit. A friend from Sweden is here visiting me before school starts, so I'm spending the whole weekend with him. We've ate truffles, cheese and last night we had Cheese Fondue for dinner. I think my stomach has to go on a rehab after all these days... Anyway, Venice was in overall beautiful, but not really for me. You were surronded by canals everywhere, and it was like walking in a maze. The food was good though, and it's a place you should visit before you die. Here are some pictures I took over there.

Fine by me

Home home home!!! And now I'm ready for next term.

Home to Switzerland

Our Italy journey has come to it's end and we are on our way back home to Switzerland. Grazie Italy, you fed me well.

Mozzarella di bufala

I discovered this cheese two years ago when my friend brought this back when he was in Italy. I've thought about it ever since, and then when I came here, to Italy, I found it. I've eaten it more than it's good for me. I'm telling you fresh buffalo mozzarella is one of the miracles of Italian cuisine. It’s exactly like regular mozzarella except that it’s made with milk squeezed out of a buffalo. The good stuff is almost unrealistically soft — it seems like the reason the word “mouthfeel” was invented. Yes, it's a bit more pricey, bit I promise, the taste is worth it. So don't miss out on this when you're in Italy (can be found in almost every supermarket).


2015. September, October, November.

Last quarter of 2015.


I got to meet the cutest little things in the beginning of the month. 

I ran a colour race. This picture was taken before the race... I looked more like that I've put my head in blue colour in the end.

80's surprise party for one of my best friends who turned 20. Oh yes, she got really surprised.

I turned 19.


October ment moving to Switzerland. Said goodbye to my dearest friends.

And met other friends.

And this lady, my best roommate.

Went hiking on a rainy and cold day with the biggest (and delicious) muffin.

On Halloween I dressed up as a reindeer.


November started in Paris.

Sports Day in school. I played for the basketball team.

One day I looked like this. Black on black.


A sunny Switzerland in the beginning of December, which is almost like everything that's enough to make me happy.

Last week in school we made truffles.

I flew back home to Sweden to spend Christmas with my family.

And I cut half of my hair (this is a before photo).

Got to play around with these monkeys again before I packed my bags and flew to Italy.

A culinary journey

You should deifnitely go to Italy if you're into food. I did, and I enjoyed every minute, second and bite. A bunch of photos of food from Florence. And yes, we ate gelato everyday. Tomorrow we're heading to Venice. Hugs.



Day trip

Cora and I were in Pisa today. Honestly, not that special, we went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the rest of the day we just walked around and ate gelato.

2015 list.

Here is another summary of my 2015. Ready, Set, GO!

Did you do anything in 2015 that you've never done before?
A bunch of things! Like living alone in another city, working in a chocolate factory and an industry, graduating, going to prom with one of my best guy friends, stopped blogging, and began blogging again, getting a tattoo, dancing two days straight on a festival, running a colour race and moving to another country.

Which countries did you visit? Norway, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Is there anything you lacked in 2015 that you want to have in 2016? I wish my friends and I come much closer, talk more and update each other better.

Which date from 2015 will you always remember?
The 5th of June when I graduated. Tears and euphoria.

What was your biggest career success?
Working at different pastry and bakery shops and get a glimp of what it is to run your own café was so very interesting, nervous, fancy and fun! I think I will have much benefit out of it in the future. I think this blog, to start blogging again can inspire me to dare more and do more. And ofcourse, moving to Switzerland has open so many more doors.

And what was your biggest success private?
I broke loose from old patterns and discovered a whole new world. I stopped being "satisfied" with being comfortable. I realized that I can stand on my own feet.

What did you spend the most money on?

What do you wish you'd done more of?
Listened to my intuition and spent more time with my family.

The dish you ate mostly in 2015?
Oatmeal and eggs. Standard breakfast.

What did you do on your birthday in 2015?
My friends surprised me with a party. Can't thank them enough for doing that. I had so much fun!!

Biggest wish right now?
Travel with my family.

What made you feel good?
Baking, basketball and the sun.

Who did you miss?
Cliché, but my family and my best friend. I didn't spend enough time with them.

What are you most proud of?
That I fought and made my way through, never giving up on my projects and goals, thinking and coming up with solutions, and here I am now, never felt more natural in my life. 


When I was in Milan, I had Jiangbing, a Chinese streetfood breakfast crêpe with an egg topped with scallions, baocui (a crispy cracker) and cilantro, for the first time. The balance between saltiness and sweetness was just perfect. And seeing the cooks making the crêpes was...oh wow. Quickly and effortlessly working with both hands, making two crêpes at the same time: cracking the eggs, sprinkling the herbs and schmears the thick sauces. I think this was so delicious and if you ever see a stand who makes Jiangbing on the street, don't hesitate to try.

I didn't have time taking more pictures because when I had the first bite...let's say, it stole my heart. (See this as a teaser).

Milan Day 2

Second and last day in Milan was spent near Navigli, Milans canals. Pretty pretty pretty. It was a sunny day too so we didn't have anything to complain about. And how could I forget to tell you guys that I'm currently exploring Florence. I've been here since Wednesday, and honestly, I like it more than Milan. Oh well, here are some snapshots from Milan.

Our view every night and morning when we were laying in bed.

One of the five canals around Navigli.

Italy has some of the coolest graffitis.

"Cheese"? (more like "You have something in your eye" like my sister says).

"Italy makes the best pizza" - 100% TRUE!!

What a dream pasta.

Oh yessss, Italy makes the best gelato too. Super creamy and super soft. I want this NOW!!

This streetart amazed me. I've only seen it on youtube and I thought it was sooo cool. But this live? Even cooler!

I'm not a fan of metros, but Milans metro was acceptable.

More amazing talents.

2015. May, June, July.

The summary of 2015 continues now.


I played one of my last basketball games with the club I've been a member of since I was 11.


High school theme party. This time the theme was army.

Me and some of my closest friends drove to the other side of Sweden and danced to house music at a festival for two days. 

One of the best things I've ate during 2015 was fried hamburger wrapped in langos that I had during the festival days.

Summerburst 2015.


More masquerade, this time we got to choose our own costume. Our class were bananas.

Graduated happily after three years with these ladies and gentlemen.

Roadtrip to Gothenburgh again.

To spend Midsummer with my sister and friends.

Many beautiful cruising nights with my dearest friends.

Sis and bro. We had dinner with mom and dad on my brothers birthday near the ocean.

Spent my last days of July with two people I like very much.
(I can't find any pictures of August...) To be continued.

Happy New Year!

Spending New Year's Eve in another country was definitely something else.