These days

One of the best thing about vacation is that you don't have to set up your alarm, and not having things you "have to do". I've been relaxing a lot and I now am so ready for tomorrow. First day in Mandarin Oriental. But I have one day left to do whatever I want, so hugs for now guys.

Something he can feel.

We've been walking around aaaaall day doing things like signing contracts for my new workplace, my apartment, buying bedrooms products, silver - and kitchenwares for the apartment, we went to the hairdresser and to a couple of asianshops and got some ingredients for tonight. My special chef is cooking right now and it smells suuuuupergood. Coriander<3333 Tonight we're watching a movie or Masterchef. Have a good evening guys! HUGS.

Holy Cow.

My throat hurts so bad today. Well it started on Thursday night when I was out and the music in the club was so loud we had to scream to eachother when we were trying to talk. And now these couple of days it has just been getting worse. Trying to cure myself with hot water, honey, ice cream, movies and some extra love from a special person. Had a pretty damn good veggie burger for dinner tonight at "Holy Cow!" - I can tell you that they lived up to their name. Now: More hot water and honey.

Make it sexy.

Right now I'm in Geneva and this is gonna be my new home for the next six months. I had one of the most memorable six months in Lucerne and now I'm ready for more.


Final exam table

DONE DONE DONE!!!! Feels soooooo gooooood and I'm very happy with my presentation of the table. Love, time and dedication that's all.

Last production in school.

"The Golden Triangle"; Passionfruit Cheesecake with raspberry mousse, granola crisp, carrotsponge and passionfruit glaze.

A bit uneven inside, but I'm still more than satisfied.

"Hera's Apple Blosson"; Vanillamousse with giandujatruffle, applepannacotta, applecompote, praline crisp, raspberry jelly and apple glaze.

"Citric Madagascar Symphony"; Lemon - and Vanilla macarons.

"Red Berry Pepper"; Pepper - and Redcurrant ganache with raspberryjelly praline.

"Scented Grain Tartelette"; Traditional Swiss Easter tart with rice and orange porridge.

Last smoke before the snowstorm

Thursday morning here in Switzerland and the days are coming to it's end before I move to Geneva (!!!). I even started packing today but I still have some things left to pack. And today I'm presenting my final exam, my last table and products for the Chefs. It feels good. I'm ready for new adventures and challenges after this. Anyway, yesterday night the team and both Chefs got together and partied together for the last time. Said goodbye and some even cried. Okay, hugs to you guys, I'm going out for a walk now.

Good luck charms from a friend.

Saying goodbye to my schooluniform that I wore maximum five times.



I haven't done anything today. Sounds so good in my ears for once. Finally catched up some sleep after a night without any sleep the night before. And this morning I ate my breakfast infront of a food program. Hallelujaaah. 

Citric cure

Not in my best condition today. My head feels heavy and my throat is hurting, but I managed to get up and write my last french final exam. Watching NBA right now and drinking lemonwater. Yup, this is what I cure myself with when I don't have a lot of energy left - basketball and lemon. I'm going to try to study a little for my oral exam in one and a half hour later, but before that I'm gonna enjoy my lemonwater and this game. Hugs.

Missing my little brother more than usual today.

Strawberry Truffle Cake

It was a long time ago I shared a recipe, and I thought today might be the perfect day. I mean sunday = bake day. Chocolate and strawberry, what could go wrong?


Chocolate cake
200g almondmixture
160g sugar#1
130g eggyolks
70g eggs
60g butter
60g cocoapowder
60g flour
200g eggwhites
80g sugar #2

Mix almondmixture, sugar #1, eggyolks and whole eggs to a paste. Melt the butter. Mix cocoapowder and flour. Whip eggwhites and sugar #2. Alternate with the flour mixture and butter and fold it in to the paste. Finally fold in the meringue (whipped eggwhites and sugar #2). Spread it out on three baking trays, the same way when you make rolling sponges. Bake it at 170C for 13min.

Strawberry Syrup
60g strawberry pureé
25g sugar
75g water
15g berry spirit

Boil all together.

Strawberry - and Chocolate ganache
90g sugar
50g glucose
170g cream
180g strawberry pureé
3g fleur de sel
200g dark couverture
120g milk couverture

Make sugar and glucose to a caramel. Warm the cream and the strawberry pureé. Temper the caramel with the cream and strawberry liquid. Pour it all over the couverture and mix it all with a mixture. Finally add fleur de sel.


Soak the first layer of sponge with the syrup. Pour over the ganache and even out. Next layer of sponge, syrup and ganache. Repeat three times and end with ganache on top. Decorate and enjoy!

So sexy

First day of final practical exam - CHECK. Kitchen was awesome today, smooth working, great team, and I finished everything I planned to do. Now it's only two days left to finish all the pralines, macarons, desserts, tartelettes and cake. But now I'm turning my brain on weekend mode because it's Friday!!! 

For you Jan Banan.

I promised you guys to show my pastillage showpiece when it was done. Well here you go, and it´s my favorite of all the showpieces I've made... but it´s still my least favourite to work with and some pieces broke before I got to take a picture of what it would look like 100%. Anyway, enjoy.


Tuesday yesterday and we were in Montreux to try to find jobs or internships. I already have my plans after school so I was mostly only wandering around and went to several kinds of workshops. I feel that this week is pretty chill even though our final exams starts now. See youuu.

Devil May Cry

Free today (!!!), means; take a long shower, drink tea and watch food programs in bed, and I might go out for lunch. I have cravings for sushi. But we'll see. Tomorrow I'm going to Montreux. Otherwise today I'm just going to try to relax as much as I can. Off I go, bye!

Mixed pictures

Pastillage. Of all the showpieces we have been working with (chocolate, sugar and pastillage) pastillage is my least favorite one. Your hands get all dry, and I'm not so into "doughy"-textures. The pieces are still drying and I will show you the finished showpiece when it's ready.

One of my À la Carte desserts. Cheesecake with mangomousse, mangosauce and raspberry sauce.

Another À la Carte dessert. Truffle Cake with strawberry ganache and strawberry sauce.

Bavarian Cream (vanilla cream mixed with whipped cream) with salted caramel and a spicey pineapple and caramel dome. This one we are serving in two weeks for a graduation event in Brig.

100% Chocolate


Sorry guys, yesterday I was in Geneva for a tryout and interview at Mandarin Oriental. I've had a lot to plan and do so my priority is not the blog. Anyway long story short, I will be moving to Geneva in one month and join Mandarin's pastry team!!!! I have a really good feeling about this and it's going to be so nice to start working again. Hugs.

Brain on sleepmode

Took a break from the papers and the computer and went out for a walk and gelato with a friend. Aaaah.


Right now.

Trying to prepare for the finals right now. Four different assignments has to be done under three days - cake assignment, dessert creation, tarts, pralines and macarons. This is gonna be so freaking fun! Have a further nice weekend guys.

Event preparation

Me and roomie got ready early this morning to go down to the kitchen to prepare desserts and cakes for some events further on. We are prepping for over one thousand guest in totalt. So I started with some macarons... or some, we ended up with over 500 macarons at the end of the day. The flavours I made was beetroot macarons with an orange ganache, apple macarons with jasmine tea buttercream and apple jelly and last vanilla macarons with almond buttercream and peach jelly. And now I'm FINALLY GOING TO JUMP IN TO THE SHOWER!!! Hugs.


Kicked off my Friday with roomservice for breakfast, and it was delightful. I went to class for two hours of french and then straight to the kitchen to prepare a Chocolate - and Strawberry layer cake for next weeks à la carte. For lunch I went to a restaurant and had Phở... or almost Phở, but it was satisfying because I'm quite tired of the food in school now. Anyway, I'm waiting for Offen so we can go ot for some errands. Happy Friday friends!!!

Eat good feel good

So good meals with roomie today. Two times á la carte. Now we're going to paint our nails. Hihi.

For you Mike.

Here is my result of my sugar pulling sculpture.

Sugar Pulling

Today I did my first rose in sugar, and oh my god it was so damn hot (55 to 60 degrees celsius). But I got used to it after a while. After four hours of pulling and abusing my hands I actually got out of class without any burns, unlike my other classmates... I feel bad for them. Anyway here is my outcome;