Little Things

I'm sitting at this moment in bed and eating "breakfast" and watching "Halv Åtta Hos Mig".  Finally, my sister showed me a way so I could watch some Swedish tv shows while I'm here in Switzerland. Today's plans? Bake bake bake in the pastry kitchen.

The healthy side of pastry

Real Good Time

Goodmorning. Super sunny outside today and one day closer to the weekend (and another food festival coming up!!!). Wishing you all a magical Tuesday.

Chocolate Muffins

I feel like it's time to share a recipe, don't you think? It's time to bake some Chocolate Muffins!

For about 15 big muffins you will need;

180g plain yoghurt
180g greek yoghurt
160g white sugar
80g brown sugar
320g eggs
120g trimoline (or glucose)
4g salt
440g flour
80g cacao powder
24g baking powder
220g oil
100g chocolate (+ more for topping)

How to:
Mix both yoghurts with the sugars, eggs and trimoline. Add the dry ingredients such as salt, flour, cacao powder and baking powder and mix. Add the oil till the mixture is incorporated. Lastly add the chopped up chocolate. Fill your muffin molds and add extra chocolate on top. Bake at 170C for about 25 min, when you insert a toothpick it comes out clean.  

Streetfood festival

This weekend I've been enjoying some time with my friends at a food festival. Good weather, good friends and good food - I couldn't wish for a better way to spend my weekend.

And the sky is purple

Just got back from the gym and now I'm totally dead. Bed is calling but I have to finish some stuff before. Otherwise I've been working today and I'm working tomorrow too. On Friday I'm going to a food festival (wiiiieee!!) with some friends, looking forward to it a lot. Okay, bonne nuit guys.

Sushi - burger

Last nights dinner with some colleagues. I always have too high expectations, and this burger was okay. Just okay. So normal sushi is aloooooot better.

Weekend photos

I had the coziest reunion with my best friend this weekend. I'll see you soon<3


Jet D'eau

Hello Friday! This week went really fast?! Today I’ve finally done my laundry followed by some bodybalance and yoga at the gym and some errands that I just got back home from. Now I’ll soon get ready here before I’m off for work, and later on tonight my best friend is finally coming to Switzerland all the way from Sweden! Hope you all have a great Friday, hugs.


A food - list.

What is the most delicious breakfast? I’ll have to say oatmeal with almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, chopped dates, sliced bananas and a handful of nuts!

How were you with food as a child? I was not very picky and ate everything mommy served me.

The best chocolate? Lindt 70% dark chocolate with sea salt!!


The top three best products?
Avocado, because it’s so freaking delicious! Butter, I don’t think I have to explain why. Quark, because it’s so easy, quick, and delicious with fruit, berries and nuts. Competitors on the list: banana, watermelon, cashewnuts, and onions that makes everything tastes sooo much better!

If you had to eat only food from one food culture for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Hmm, tricky! I have to say Vietnamese. Coriander, fish sauce and all different banh’s and bao’s are so very good!!

What do you think the ultimate salad should contain? A filling base of brown rice, cucumber, avocado, fresh sashimi, edamame beans, nori, black sesame rice vinegar and soy sauce – basically a sushi salad.


Best potatoes type? Oh, sweet potatoes in the oven with black- and cayenne pepper.

Do you have some expensive food habits? Nuts maybe.

What do you cook if you have minimal time in the kitchen? An oatmeal bowl with egg white. Cook some oatmeal with water or any kind of milk in a casserole. Top with fruit, berries, nuts, seeds and nut butter. MMMMMM.


How does the best weekend breakfast look like? Freshly baked sourdough bread, waffles, squeezed orange juice, eggs in all different kinds of forms, avocado, cheese, fruits and berries.

Which is the latest ingredient or dish you learned to like? Liquorice. You constantly have to try everything you make in pastry, and I can’t dodge from trying products with liquorice every time. I’m happy my sensations for liquorice has opened up and now I actually like it a lot.

Your best budget dish? I always have eggs at home, so an omelette with whatever you have in the pantry

What do you eat for lunch?
Very different, it depends on my schedule. But I eat breakfast – food four out of five times a week.

What is the best thing to eat and drink on a Saturday night? Now that it's almost summer a thin-crust pizza at a park or on the beach with ginger beer sounds so nice! Otherwise at home, homemade burgers and strawberry lemonade.

Share some clever cooking tricks! Top all foods with fresh herbs, cook grains like rice and pasta in a stock, and fry in butter, not oil!


What do you cook if you are going to cook for many people? Tacos I think. A lot of many different components you can pick and mix by yourself.

Which dish do you think that more people should discover? Pork buns! It is a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

The best sauce? Bearnaise - or hollandaise sauce.

Through my camera

Hello hello helloooo. I've been enjoying the beautiful weather the whole week, and I've also had some lunch - and dinner dates with some friends. Other than that I've been baking pastries, now I'm going to take a relaxing "weekend". Hugs.

The perfect version.

I would...

...Do yoga every morning.
...Be the worlds greatest sister.
...Update my blog everyday.
...Be in contact with my friends (all of them) everyday.
...Read the newspaper everyday.
...Learn a new skill every week.
...Be a great cook  -  one that amazes people with her incredible food.
...Take great pictures everyday - everytime i bring out the camera I want the pictures to make me amazed.
...Read more books.
....Write beautifuly everytime the pencil touches paper.
...Go out on more runs.
...Be out on my longboard more often.
...Hang out with my friends in the evening more often.
...Always have fresh flowers in my room.
...Always have an amazing outfit on, always smell good and have the perfect skin.

At the moment.

Skypeing and planning some adventures with my bro.

Pfffft diet

My sister and friends thinks that I have the most boring meals ever. Oats, berries, fruits, quark, beans and eggs everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, I can tell you that I don't always eat oats and eggs. Like today, I went to France to cook dinner with a friend at her house. And yeah, I was so happy to finally have a proper meal. Hey, I'm pretty lazy to just cook and eat by myself, but when I have company I love to cook. I mean you work all day, come home, you just want to have something quick to eat or go to bed. Anyway, we made chili - chicken tortillas with mango and avocado. Mmmmmm. And then her boyfriend made me matcha tea with a bamboo stick. Super-cool. Oh yeah, if you were wondering about France, it's just 20min from Geneva. Now; Chill in bed with my teddybear. Bisou bisou!