A sneak peak of what I've been doing at work lately.


Look! My sisters new umbrella. The largest and most beautiful umbrella I've ever seen. It makes me happy on rainy days, now when the summer is over. The last few days I've been away on different adventures. Zip line was one of them (I might post something about that later). Now it's back to work, haven't seen my sister for a while either. Feels empty. We live under the same roof, work at the same place, but we only see eachother the minutes before I start work and the minutes before she finishes work. But tomorrow we're working the same hours! Going to read a bit before I get dressed for work. Hugs.

Through my phone

One of the most beautiful and coziest bunnies I've ever met.
Letting my friends do the hard work and paddle when we go out fishing together.
Yup, behind the scene footage. (When you catch a fish and trying to hold it still)
"Hej du är fin", "Vet". (On a train on my way home to Oskarshamn...or was it Strömstad?)

Little Birds.

Maybe sometimes I just want us to have less fun when we're together, so it feels like we're with eachother longer.

Was welcomed with homemeade sushi made by one of my childhood friends.
Fastest birthday cake I've ever made (with the help of my love).
Picking cherries the right way haha!
Morning waffles.
Homemeade ravioli by my brother, sister and her man. Sooooo good!!!
Picking wild strawberries next to a big road.
The most precious thing while coming home is having everyone - mom, dad, big sister and little brother at the same time at the table.