I've been traveling a lot these weeks and honestly I am just too lazy to prioritate the blog unfortunately... But here are some random photos from my phone. It's everything from birthday parties, to hotel rooms and datenights. Have a nice Friday guys.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.



Gua Bao mmmm

Me and my brother made some bomb ass dinner today, everything homemade from scratch! Really happy with the baos and also the meat. I don't eat meat often, but when I do, it's got to be worth it. And this was!!! Now I have to go to sleep because mom is flying to Vietnam early tomorrow morning and I will send her from the airport. Goodnight peopleeee.

Precious thing

Love these mornings when me and my brother wakes up together without having anything planed, or something we have to "hurry to". We made sushi for breakfast. And for the rest of the day? No plans!!

"Happy Women's Day, Danna Vu"

(My nightmare)


Xich Lo

Yeah, so right now I'm in Oslo. So nice to go from the cold and snowy Sweden (C'MON?!?!) for a sunny Norway. Just staying for some more days though. Tonight I don't know if I will order food delivery or go out and eat... Feel like I don't want to move though. I feel like it's dangerous to have food delivery where you live...but I've never tried it so maybe today will be the premier!!

(Made some Croissants today). Low on good photos at the moment...


No words for this chaotic morning. ("Worst day of my life" - Michael Vu). Missed my first transport to Oslo in the morning because of the snowfall at night. 30cm?!?! Our car got stuck in the snow and it didn't start. So my brother and his friend had to drive me to the city where I had to take my next transport, was just right on time before departure. More exactly 1min. I made it though and in three hours I'm in Norway. See you!


(I stole this list)

5 places I've lived at:


    • In Oskarshamn, Sweden where I've mostly lived my whole life.
    • In a school dorm in Switzerland which was a hotel before they built it to a school.
    • In a house in America with my father, cousins and uncle. One of my most memorable periods as a child.
    • In a small cozy apartment just near the boarder of France in Switzerland (my first own apartment)
    • In an apartment in Mönsterås (outside Oskarshamn).




5 things I look forward too:


    • Start working again, with pastry ofcourse.
    • Streetstar 2017. One of Europes biggest dance event, and this year my best friend is going to compete (I'm so proud of her).
    • My brothers graduation.
    • When I can go on a trip with my mom and sister.
    • My bed tonight (haha, I'm tired).




5 things I like:


    • Music.
    • Hiking.
    • Go on food markets.
    • Seeing my brother cook.
    • Mashes potatoes (with lumps).




5 things I don't like:


    • Cold, grey and windy weather.
    • Sausage.
    • The smell of gas.
    • Mcdonald's.
    • Ketchup.




5 things I've done this weekend:


    • Dancing. 
    • Won a basketball game (40:82).
    • Eating birthday cake.
    • Listening on Ed Sheerans new album in repeat.
    • Changing bedsheets and pillowcases. 




5 songs I listen to now.


    • Happier - Ed Sheeran
    • Hearts Don't Break Around Here - Ed Sheeran
    • Thinking About You - Hardwell
    • Kontrol - Maleek Berry
    • True Colors - The Weekend



 5 things I've done today.


    • Eating breakfast with mommy.
    • Playing basketball.
    • Going to the supermarket and bought ingredients to make "Semla".
    • Slept for four hours.
    • Hugging mom.

Sunshines and Seashells

Been baking the whole morning today. I don't know if mom is going to be happy or angry when she comes home from work and sees that I've been baking again. Our freezer is totally packed, so whenever I bake we always give away to friends. And our family is not really a sweet tooth family. But it doesn't stop me from doing what I love the most!!


Had a really good workout with a friend I haven't hanged out with for a long time this morning, afterwards we made some tasty halloumiburgers and ate "Semla" to celebrate the Swedish tradition of "Fat-tuesday". Everyone ate semla today haha. Still not a big fan of this bun, but it works. Goodnight.