One of the most beautiful words

I can't believe me and my sister are working together now. It still feels unreal, but one of our dreams came true and I am so happy to have her here. Since the day she came it just felt like something finally came together. Family <3



Sun is out, my experiment of growing avocados are giving their first signs and my sister is coming back to Sweden to live and work with me! Aaaand started my morning with my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran. It's going to be a good day.


Te amo

So tired after an eight hour trip back home across Sweden. In a couple of minutes I have to get ready for work, but looking back at the photos from this weekend when I was back home makes the long trips worth it.



Two years ago I went on my prom. This weekend I went home and saw my little brother going on his. Can't believe he's almost graduating soon too. They were all handsome and beautiful.


Cradle to grave

Hello peopleee. This week has gone by so fast, maybe it's because I work most of the days. I still love it so much after every single stressful and late nights. Caught up with Tina yesterday on Skype. I always get so much energy from her. Friends for over 20 years (!). This weekend I'm working, but I'm not complaining. Going to see a movie now. See you!



Hello. I am right now in a period when life feels very beautiful, sunny, I have moved to another city, started a new job that I like and there are exciting things happening. Everything is good with me. Hope you are good too.