Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you.

This morning we woke up seeing this. It's soon the end of our time here in Strömstad, at this hotel, with this amazing and fun kitchen-team. But when one thing ends, something else begins. Update from last: I've turned 21, me and my sister had an amazing sushi-date yesterday and...yup, we are trying to do our best the last days at work. Hope you all have a great Friday so far. Happy Weekend!!!

Forest's Gold

One of my dreams and also my sisters dreams came true the other day. We finally got to experience a forest full of mushrooms - Chantarelles, and we even got to pick them ourselves. It's just the feeling going out in the nature, finding these rare mushrooms and then see it on a plate. We just had one problem...our freezer is too little for all the mushrooms. Haha. Another fun story is - drumrolls* - me and my sister are moving to Stockholm next week!! New city, new apartment and also, a new job. It's funny because me and my sister has always said that we will never ever live in Stockholm because of the crowd, we're not a big fan of the big cities. But as my sisters boyfriend said: " Never say never."


Nice experience, extra plus for Sweden's beautiful nature.