Ice cream = :D

Never too much ice cream. NEVER.


Cheap, easy and healthy lunch when you're too lazy to cook;

Lunch with you.

Chicken pesto wrap, thaifood, tuna salad and chocolate cake.




I've caught a cold.

Afire love

Had a Chèvresalad for lunch after some spinning today, now I'm eating mango for dinner because I'm too lazy to cook mohahah (pros to live alone).


I'm trying not to fall asleep while writing this, eating mango and drinking green tea to try to stay "active" and awake. Too little sleep these days, but it's been worth it. And this morning I walked to a friends house and didn't realize how far it was. I walked pass the airport and realized I've been walking for 1,5h. Well, well I got there in the end. My mango and green tea are finished now... so what to do to not fall asleep... A movie sounds nice. Okay, I'm going to watch a movie now. Have a cozy Monday evening guys. Hugs.

More Torrevieja

Goodmorning. Here are some more photos from Spain. Now I'm off for a morning walk and then brunch with some friends before work. Have a cozy Sunday guys. Hugs.

The perfect choux

This is what my colleague did when he made 1200 pâte chouxs and found the most perfect choux out of all of them. I adore my colleagues so much.

Torrevieja Day 1

So I flew to Alicante and spent my three days off in a city 40 min by car south from Alicante, called Torrevieja with some of my friends back home from Sweden. And yes, I really needed the sun and the beach. Whenever I go traveling I just realize how much I haven't seen. Mother Nature <3 The architecture of the houses in Spain was so beautiful. Anyway, here are some pictures from the first day. We went to the pool, I bought a new mini - wallet that broke after 30 min, and later on that night we went to the beach and ate ice cream and played cards.

New places

Packing for new adventures.

Argan Oil of Morocco

With the kind of lifestyle I have right now it can get difficult for me to maintain a great hair care routine, always having my hair in a ponytail, always wearing a hat in the kitchen. My hair gets so dry and keeps falling of. So the least I can do is to use a dependable shampoo and conditioner. I asked my bestie what I should get (because she is my own little beauty guru), and she told me to get something without sulfate and paraben. I'm so excited to try these products and see what kind of magic it can do!


A day that has passed by in 190km/h. I had a busy day at work today, started early in the morning and then when I finished I was at home to just grab something to eat and freshen up before I put my sneakers on and went to town to do some errands. When I finished I sat down in a park and fell asleep in the sun for half an hour. Aaaaaah so refreshing. After I went directly to the gym. I fucking love the combination of burning body and sweating. It was a hardcore workout today, I even sweated after I took my cold shower. Took my walk home and called my bestie who's recently has been in Dubai, then I called my mommy and daddy. I miss them a lot. Now a movie before I fall asleep. Goodnight people.

Att bo här.

Green Almonds

I went to the farmers market this morning and saw these green oval shaped things I've never seen before. I asked the seller "C'est quoi?". She told me that it's green fresh almonds. Basically almonds before they become more like almonds we know. I ate the whole green almonds. Crisp, tart, maybe a bit like a green apple or a green grape. I love trying new things, and I think if you see these green almonds next time, promise me you'll give this delicacy a try.

Tuesday 1 June

Hello. I was off yesterday and that is always nice even though you love what you do and work with. I spent my day with a friend outside in the nice weather. We biked around Geneva, strolled around and on the evening we went to the cinema to watch "Mother's Day". And it was exactly that kind of movie I needed right now. Pretty girly movie, but I really enjoyed it. Super nice and cozy day.

9 Pix

Some photos from last weekend which was magical.