Hey Guys! It's been a bit difficult for me to update the blog while I've been traveling in Asia. Lack of network and patience... so I just think it is easier for me not to have so much focus on the blog right now. I'll be back in Europe in December so hopefully the blog will get more attention by then (and I will tell you about my little adventure). For now longest hug to you guys.


If it is possible to drown in your own sweat, I'm close. I take a shower whenever I can and right after I start sweating again. This reminds me of the summer in Switzerland... you never go dry. Anyway I just wanted to inform you that I will be going to the countryside tomorrow and I won't have access to Internet to update the blog. I don't know for how long, but stay with me. Hope to see you soon. KISSES.


Landed five hours ago and I was surprised about how much I actually enjoyed flying this time, it wasn't bad at all. I watched three movies, read a whole book and managed to sleep a bit UNTIL a baby started to cry... But I don't feel jet lagged! Let's see if I can sleep later tonight though. See you.

Meatballs for the people

Last lunch before flying to Vietnam. I still can't believe that I'm going to be there soon. I was five or six last time I was there, so 15 years ago. I'm so excited for this!! To find out more about my roots and eat Vietnamese food.

All around the world

I forgot the feeling of the body to take a break from the everyday life, work and routines. That's why home is so precious. I don't have anything to think about. Today me and my sister are going to Stockholm and then on Wednesday I'm flying to Vietnam!!! It doesn't feel like it's happening, it feels too far away but it's actually this week. Going to take a shower now and then prepare everything for the trips. Hugs and have a great Monday.


Family Vu showing of their painting skills today. HAHAHHA haven't heard mommy laugh this hard in a long time. <3. We have been painting eachother for two hours. Aaaah, I've missed quality time with the family.

Saturday Supper

Amazing dinner tonight. Still dreaming about those scallops...
Scallops with parsnip purée, brown butter and tapioca pearls

Tuna in asianmarinade and sunrootpurée

Green peas - and mint icecream

Jag är ascool ju

Typical Sweden weather right now. So cold and it gets dark fast. I don't miss Switzerland yet, just the weather. I'm really fighting with the wind when I go outside, but now my sister is calling me because we are going to meditate and then watch a movie. Hugs!


I'm so happy because I'm home. I've literally just been chilling with my sister everyday since I came to Sweden. No work, no papers and just BE. Only a few days left in Sweden and after I'll be sitting on a plane again. But where?


Scallops and Wild boar

Last nights Saturdaydinner with an old colleague. He is a hunter so I tasted wild boar for the first time yesterday, not what I expected but I liked it! It was much less fat than I expected even though it's a pig animal.

Last day of work

I don't think it's going to be many updates when I'm home now, but let's hope that I'm not too lazy to update. By the way here's a picture from Wednesday when my colleagues wrapped me in plastic wrap because it was my last day. They are so going to be missed by me!