Milan Day 1

Sunday I landed in Milan in the evening, started looking for my friend who I was going to meet up at the central station. I think I was wandering around for at least one hour... I didn't find her. She found me. Together we went to the apartment where we would stay for the three next days. Our Milan adventure began early the day after. Below you can see some of it.

2015. January, February, March, April.

2015 is a year I will remember for the rest of my life. I will start sharing my year with you starting with January, February, March and April. All in all an amazingly good year. I was happy almost straight through and got to know many nice people. What more can I wish for?


Every year, first of January, me and my dad always drop off some sky lanterns.

My parents gave me two late Christmas gifts. Still in love.


Started the second month with a perfomance in a club with my dance crew back then. I will remember that night forever. One of the biggest adrenalin rushes I've had.

This chocolate work was one of the biggest accomplishments this year. I put so much time on this school project that I almost forgot about my friends and family. In the end everything was worth it because I still get positive feedbacks, not only for this work but in general everything that has something to do with pastry.

Won a dance competition that was donating their money for cancer with these two ladies.


I went to Oslo in Norway to visit my sister.

Masquerade party with my high school in mid - March. Theme; Nerds.

I was a part of a big gala. Served and greeted thousands of people.


I got my first tattoo. (Very spontaneous and unserious).

Got the chance to share and see some of the worlds best dancers with my best friend and her boyfriend at Steet Star this year.
It was f*cking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Played with chocolate for five weeks. Yup, I smelled like chocolate 24/7.

Had my first and last Mc Donald's meal this year.

To be continued...

Touchdown in Milan

Ciao from a cold Milan. Today Cora and I have been walking around for literally 10 hours. We did some touristy-things like visiting the Milan Cathedral, Duomo. Shopping. But there are still a lot more to see, so we're planning to get some good sleep tonight because tomorrow we're off to Navigli, a canal around Milan. Goodnight.

I don't like packing

Christmas is over. These four days that I've been home I got to spend my time with the most important people in my life and that made me more satisfied than I could wish for. And tomorrow I'm leaving again, and my next destination is Italy! I'll see you there. Hugs.

Christmas Day

Currently I'm in my sweatpants and sweatshirt. Got out of bed two hours ago and we just finished our "breakfast". Aaaah, I love being home. Christmas Eve yesterday was sooo relaxing. We cooked, we ate, we watched a movie, we ate again, we chilled, and we ended the day with a movie again. Did I say I love being home? Later on me and my brother are going to meet up with a couple of basketball players and shoot some hoops. Tonight I get to see my dearest friends again. Yaaaay and Merry Christmas!

(My sister showing our current mood)

3 hours

Sorry for being so inactive but I'm trying to enjoy my Christmas break 100%. So my first stop on my Chrismas holiday travel was Stockholm. Met up with some friends and my sister. We ate, shopped, ate, ate and ate. Yesterday I finally got back home to my mom and dad. Haven't felt this good to be home before, but I was expecting snow and christmas feelings when I got back...but no snow and no christmas spirits at all. Now I'm going to catch up some time with my brother. And by the way he cooked some pretty good burgers today for dinner. Hugs.


My own minions

I'm currently on my Christmas break. Enjoying every second of it, and it feels so good to get out of the school. Me and my classmates the other day when they were plating up the Christmas desserts. 

Pad Thai


The look of Love

Today I feel extra good. Maybe it's because I have Christmas Holiday now, or that I will travel tomorrow, or that my roommate and I just got some good news for our next room till next term, or just the fact that it's Friday, I can't decide. A combination of everything I believe. I was on a very enjoyable Christmas dinner on Wednesday. I'm so glad I met these people. Happy friday everyone! Hugs.

Chocolate is my drug

A summery of my week in the pastry kitchen;

Raspberry truffles

Grand Cru Maracaibo truffles


Coco truffles

White truffles with kirsch

Milk truffles

Our class made over 2500 truffles this week. 

Champagne Supernova


Eating habits:

Best dish? Rice noodles, grilled liempo with a lot of coriander, bean sprouts and homemade fishsauce.

Best dessert? Ice cream.

Best drink? Water.

Drink and dish you don’t like? I am not a fan of drinks with sparkles and black pudding.

Do you use butter on your bread? Yes, yes, yes, always.

Candy or chocolate? Chocolate.

Best soup? Tom yum soup.

Favorite ice cream? Vanilla with caramelized nuts.



Favourite garment? One coloured t-shirts and black jeans.

Favorite colour on clothes? Black.

Favorite hairstyle: Wavy.

Best pattern: Stripes.

Best accessory: Delicate and small necklaces.

Work, education:

Do you work or do you study? I am currently studying Swiss Pastry and Chocolate Arts in Switzerland.

What do you want to be? An international pastry chef.

Do you enjoy your job / your education? A lot.

A bit of everything:

Does the family means a lot for you? Yes of course. I miss them a lot.

Where do you want to travel next? Japan and Thailand.

Best climate? When you can wear a skirt and a t-shirt with no problem. Perhaps around 25°C

Home party or pub? Home party with a masquerade!

Chocolate Factory

Who has never dreamed about visiting a chocolate factory? We got to see the secret process of chocolate manufacturing and the odurs that come from it in a famous Felchlin chocolate factory in Schwyz. It was amazing. The visit gave us the chance to taste our way through the process. From cocoa bean to cocoa mass to chocolate. And no one went home empty handed. Felchlin gave each and one of us 500g of quality chocolate. We even got the possibility of taking more of these delicious products away with us, thanks to their factory shop. What can I say? My dream came true after ten years.

Traditional Desserts

You can't go wrong with desserts. This week we are making traditional desserts. Everything from zabaiones to souffles. And do I need to talk about the Crème Caramel we made? It's legit. Smooth vanilla custard that melts in your mouth with a soft caramelized sugar. What's not to love?! Crazy good. Enjoying every second when I eat desserts. And tomorrow we're going to the Felchlin Chocolate Factory in Switzerland. Looking forward!!! Hugs.

Sad truth

No country makes better kebab than Sweden...not even Switzerland.



My three main secret ingredients when I create something are; Love, time and butter.

Productive day.

Even though I only slept for three hours tonight I still got a lot of things done; fixed and sewed my suit, booked flights to warmer climates, trained and worked worked worked. Had chestnuts this afternoon by the lake too. Mmmmmm.

Black Forest Cake

The process of making a Black Forest Cake.

Filling number one; Grandy Cherries on top of the first layer of the Chocolate Sponge cake.

Filling number two; Whipped cream.

Second layer of the Chocolate Sponge Cake.

Filling number three; Chocolate mousse.

Covering the whole cake with whipped cream.

Using a spatula to make it nice and straight.

Cover the cake with a lot of chocolate shavings.

Almost finished.

Pipe on some roses.

Top with a cherry on each slice.


Something you don't know about me

- I always put on the tap water when I go to the bathroom.
- I got my ears pierced when I was 9 days old.
- I love to learn new languages

- My favourite ingredients are; butter, coriander and garlic.
- I’m jealous of musicians, because I am not talented at all when it comes to instruments.
- I sleep with a teddybear.


- I am extremely impatient.
- I have very little respect for “the way things are suppose to be”. Needless to say, I am not religious. I am very open to people’s beliefs, I just hate being told what to do and what to think, so religion and I are never gonna be a good match.
- Besides baking I love to travel.

- I have played basketball for seven years
- I can’t see very well, but I refuse to wear contacts and glasses are so uncomfortable (I wear it when I really have to).
- I love love love love love ice cream. I can eat it wherever, whenever and a lot.