Follow your passion and don't let go

I'm thinking of how much that can move inside when everything stands still outside. Speculations, fantasies, a pounding heart, gasping lungs. I rest my thoughts at the lake every day (I love living next to the water). There's something magical to look out over the water. There's no ending and a bit how's life is. Endless possibilities, emotions and unexpected hopes. Moving to Switzerland was the best choice I have ever done. The people I've met, the opportunities I have gotten, how much I've learned about myself AND this amazing world. I feel so lucky for having a family who had the courage to let a little bird fly away to explore the world and follow it's passion.


Took this photo from a friend. It's Geneva but from a higher view. I really think I've found another place than Sweden where I truly feel like home.


Just came back from celebrating a friends birthday at a fine dining Thai restaurant, and (a lot of) Mövenpick icecream for dessert. Foodcoma 2.0. I'm on my way getting ready for bed and sleep. Pretty damn tired. See you guys!

Take me to places I've never been before.


A tired monkey

I've been so tired today, maybe it's the sun and the early mornings. But I'm definitely going to fall asleep soon. Tomorrow I'm off so finally I can go to the gym in the morning instead of the evenings. And after the beach ofcourse. But for now I say Bonne nuit.


Got some complaints about that I haven't been updating my blog for awhile... I'm sorry but I'm just enjoying life here in Swiss soooo much. When I'm not working, exploring or enjoying I'm fixing some paperthings... like now. Okay, back to work, I'll see you guys soon (hopefully). Hugs.
P.s. Some pictures from this awesome day! 

My favorite bowl

I could eat oatmeals for breakfast everyday. SOOOO GOOD. Later today I'm going to France with a friend just to explore a bit. Have a nice day guys!

Bucket list; Mountain Coaster.


Oeschinensee, Kandersteg

My sister asked me "Are you addicted to hiking?". Well, I can say, it's finding it's way into my heart. Here is a picture from today's.


Goodmorning. New day, new destination. I will let you know sooner or later where I'm heading. Oh by the way, I saw this cute little pineapple yesterday. So little!!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY.


Hiking has found a way into my heart.

From the last hiking when we've walked for two hours.

Sometimes you find some interesting stuff on the way.

Like this Chalet. It was an old mans home. 

We rested our legs here with some ice tea and applepie.

And a Portuguese cake. Yes, it's supposed to be burnt. I loved this.

The next day...

Fête de Genève

Here are some more pictures of the big festival in Geneva last week. 

There were churros stands everywhere.

I tried a fruit called "Sweet Granadilla". It tasted like a very sweet passionfruit. I liked it!

I managed to drag one of my friends in to the ghosthouse... and she regret it so much after. 

Beautiful festival.

60m above the ground.


Listening to my sisters "Bedtime" - list on Spotify and trying to recover from yesterday's hiking. It just gets worse and worse for every hour. I hope the soaring gets better during the night. Still I would do it again because of the amazing view. So so so so so worth the pain. Anyways now I'm going to finish reading my book and maybe sleep after. Nighty.

You never stop surprising me.

Hiking nine hours. Up and down. Going up was hell, but going down was more hell. It was worth every hour, minute and second. Suisse, you're a magical place. 

Rochers de Naye, 2042m

Chao Bella

Five days off are being spent by exploring Switzerland. Starting from today. See youuuuu!!!

You stole my heart

In Geneva there has been a festival going on for ten days and yesterday night was the firework show. Let me just say, I have never experienced something like what I did yesterday. This was the most spectacular show I have ever been too. I had goose bumps all night! I thought I was dreaming. Everything about it was perfect - the visual experience and the atmosphere. Take the chance to go and watch a firework show if you have it, you will not regret it.

Dreamiest world.

Today I work split shift so I'm going back to work at 18. But it's fine, at least I get to enjoy the daylight. Went to the city and fixed some stuff, and bought some toiletpaper (hahaha). Right now I'm sitting outside in the sun and thinking about what I should cook before I return to work...actually I don't even want to cook. I'm so lazyyyyy. I don't like to cook for myself, but I promised myself (mostly my family) that I have to start eating properly. Let's see what I can do.

(from one of this mornings orders).

Bonne nuit

Goodnight from me and Teddy.


I had the most comfortable travel back home, and I've already unpacked everything. The sun is still shining here in Switzerland and there's a festival going on just outside. Everything is so right at this moment.

Big little brother

My brother took his driving license today. I can't believe it. Their is nothing that can explain my happiness and how proud I am of him right now. My big little brother...

With my pandas.

We cooked some chicken and curry. And now we are watching a baking show. Later I'm off for some jacuzzi!!!

This crew.

Had such a wonderful night out with my friends yesterday night. Now it's only two days left at home and then I'm back in Geneva. I'm going to catch up and spend some more time with my family and tonight I'm playing basketball again. My throat started hurting Thursday morning though...and it sucks. But it doesn't stop me from playing! 


Palm tree

My brothers best friend found this gigantic apple at his workplace. ENORMOUS!! I think it equals three normal sized apples.

This <3 If you ever come to Sweden you have to try "mjukglass" - it's soft icecream, but Swedish soft icecream is something else. The creamiest and the most perfect icecream (if you ask me).

Sibylla. Swedish fast food chain I was craving. 

New Magnum icecream me and my brother tried. Double coated with chocolate and peanutbutter or caramel between the chocolate layers. Looks better than it tasted...

That's butter. Family Vu loves butter.

Our little trip to Åland

About to enter the ship.

So perfect.


Fast cruise ship.

We saw Kung Fu Panda 3. I recommend it!

I tried on some horse helmets. Hahahha.


The trip ended with a magic show. I will always be so amazed by magic.


We're home from the trip now and I had such a cozy time with my family, especially with my brother. We spend a lot of time together and I've missed that. I'm probably going to take a shower now and then maybe watch a movie. But we'll see.

Cruise breakfreast

Breakfast. And now me and my brother are playing a sloth game.

Just like Titanic...

...almost. I'm on a cruise right now with my family and it's been such a good trip so far, but the only thing is that we're missing our sister. Otherwise everyone are having a foodcoma right now because we just had the biggest summer buffet for dinner. It was really good though. Okay! My brother is calling me because we are going out for some musicquiz. Hugssss!