My peacefulness.

Monday and it feels all over me that it is the last day in February. Gone through and finished all my work and preparation for this week. I can feel the stress in my stomach. Well. When the days are like that, stressful, with little time for rest and peace. Then the mornings become so precious, and also the music, which spread its energy in the room that might otherwise feel so much heavier. Now: A walk in the rain to freshen up my brain.


What are you doing tonight?
Need to finish all the work first and then maybe go for a walk.

What will you be happy of to hear that you are?
Funny, smart and kind.

What are you good at?
Remember things from when I was younger, speak up, eat chocolate and ice cream, how I prioritize my time.

What do you want?
Mommys steam buns.

What do you enjoy?
Fridays, hugs, sleep, trying new restaurants, travel to warm places.

What are you bad at?
Talking about feelings, patience.

Three things you hate?
Hate is a very strong word but;

- People who are grumpy. Looking irritated and complains about everything.

- People who can’t explain or decide things to me straight. I get very irritated by this.

"When should we meet tomorrow? At 11 o'clock? "
" Yeah, that sounds good… or what do you think ... " (?!?!)

- Ketchup


What makes you stressed?

When I don’t have a structure, when I don’t have a clear schedule for the day. When someone asks very many questions (my sister) and I’m not fast enough to answer before they complain about why I’m not answering.

Three things you love:
1. Steam Buns.

2. Workout.

3. The sun.

What do you think others think of you?

Happy I think? Sporty fashion girl. Determined. And weird.

What is your own opinion about yourself?
Ambitious, organized and driven.

Three things you are scared of?:
1. Deep cuts and wounds

2. Strange men at night

3. These flowers with holes…

What are you doing this week?
A showpiece in pastillage!

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Except water, blood and organs I think my body consist a lot of chocolate from this week. But I'm not complaining, chocolate makes anyone happy. Riiiight?

Fleur de Sel Caramel.

Yuzu and Soysauce.

Fleur de Sel Caramel.

Rosemary and Honey.

Yuzy and Soysauce.

Fleur de Sel Caramel.


Mandarin and Curry.

Rosemary and Honey.

Fleur de Sel Caramel.

Green Lime.


Mandarin and Curry.

Rosemary and Honey.

Oatmeals & Banana & PB

Hey. Woke up 30min ago and now I'm drinking lemontea and eating my bowl of oatmeals with peanutbutter and banana. I have to study too, but I'm going to chill and drink my tea for a little while longer. Sweet Tuesday guys.

Nougat de Montélimar

I'm alive guys. Just been quite busy these days and now I have to study for the assignment next week... But first I'm going to call mommyyyy. And show you guys some of our products this week. Hugs!


15 photos

I have a lot of photos on my phone I haven't showed you guys yet. I thought I'll go through some of it now with you!

This is my bff, he is one of the sweetest person I've ever met.

We sent up some Khom Loys in the beginning of Januray.

Carrot cupcakes with chocolate - and peanutbutter frosting. THE TASTIEST FROSTING I'VE EVER EATEN (if i find the recipe I'll share it with you).

Perfectly glazed Cassis cake.

Another Saturday-dance-night.

Coffee - and caramel macarons.

Three weeks ago I had a very nice appetizer during á la carte. (Caramelized goat cheese with blood orange, pomegrante, celery and dark chocolate).

Practicing how to make cannelles with margarine.

Chocolate ciggars.

This was when I was in Horn and was waiting for my train back to Lucerne.

Different ice cream cake pieces (and an apple) during a Thursday dinner.

Fasnacht selfie!!

My roommates speacialty; bananacake and parmesan (it's pretty good).

One of my classmates prepared a liquid praline last week and I loved it!

Feels like Monday

School started today, wasn't that hectic. Spoke some french in the morning and then I made some liquor pralines and candy jellies. Tonight I'm going to the sportshall to play some basketball!!! See yaaa.

Saturday Dinner

Cozy and very good dinner last night with my best guy friends before we went out partying. Today is my last day here in Sweden before I fly back to Switzerland, so I'm going to take advantage of the time I have left with my family. Hugs.

Happy Valentines Day.

Cactus's instead of roses, my little brother is so romantic. Having you is definitely better than having a superhero.

"You never post a picture on me". Today is your lucky day baby boy.

Apple - Caramel

Before I hurried to the trainstation to go back to Sweden on Thursday I finished my dessert assignment. There was some things we had to have in our desserts, and that was an apple compote, a sponge, a crispy part, something with couverture and a chocolate decoration. This is how my dessert and plate looked like.

Brown butter sponge, caramelized hazelnuts, caramel mousse, yoghurt - and cinnamon pannacotta, caramel glaze, brow butter cream and a apple compote. 

Brushing and Dancing

We landed in Copenhagen around 22.00, since that we've just been strolling around in the airport. Found a pretty good camping place near Joe&The Juice to wait for our train that leaves early today. And right now they are playing Justin Bieber so loud and Frida (my traveling partner) is dancing to it. I just finished brushing my teeth and I'm planning to sleep, but I don't think that will happen. I'll try to sleep on the train instead. So long!

At the moment

Hello guys! I'm taking a train to Zurich in an hour to catch a flight home to Sweden. I feel that I need some swedish air now. And the assignment and exams went pretty well this week, I'll tell you more about that as soon as I'm back in Sweden and free. Just wanted to take the chance and say hi to you guys before I start packing and heading home. Planning to leave to the trainstation in 20 mintues so I'll see you guys latero!

Five days a week

This is my outfit (at least) five times a week. Fresh huh? Sleep, eat, live in these pants, jacket and scarf... no not literally. Anyway I'm not in a good mood today and the timing just feel so perfect right now for a break from school. Finallyyyy tomorrow I'm flying home home home!!

Ending of Fasnacht

Last day of the carnival, means party all night. Not for me though, have studies to think about. Just came back from a rainy Monstercorso in town with my roomie and now we both are going to prep for the assignment tomorrow. Hugs!!


Xin Nian Kuai Le... or Happy Chinese New Year guys! Had the most satisfying dinner in such a long time today - dumplings, wonton soup, spices like coriander and ginger aaaaah. Still, mommys food is the best, and on Friday I get to see her face and eat her food again!!! Anyway, back to the study...

Monday Mornings

So I was on tryout in Horn and I got the job but I'm still not sure if I will take it. It wasn't really what I expected... Anyway woke up three hours ago, went out for a run, and when I came back I did some work for the last assignment before the midterm-break. Still working on it but I'm just about to shut down and go out for a walk. And later I have to prepare for the exams too. Hope you all are having a great monday so far, so long!


So Fasnacht started on Thursday night ( the biggest carnival in Switzerland). I woke up at 4AM to see the opening with all the early birds in Lucerne that started at five. I have to say that this is the biggest costume party I have ever been too and I love it! Music everywhere, the parties are outside, so much happiness and all the citizens really go all in for the costumes. I'm quite sad that I don't have a costume... But the party is still going on and Lucerne is going to be a sleepless city for two more days.



Chocolate Caramel Vanilla

I'm a huge chocolate person, so it wasn't so hard to figure out what flavours I wanted for my ice cream cake. A fudgy browniebase with caramel and vanilla ice cream were the main components in my cake. Yup, it was so good I ate the whole cake by myself... no I'm kidding, buuuut I think I could. I mean ice cream + caramel + chocolate(?!?!). Anyway, now I'm going to do some laundry and study a little bit french before I take a shower, and tonight I'm going to Horn for my tryout and interview which is tomorrow. I don't think I will be able to update before Sunday, but we will see. Wishing you all a happy weekend.

Pear dessert

Every week Wednesday's and Thursday's we have à la carte in school, and every week someone is responsible for the dessert. This Thursday it was my turn. I prepared a pear dessert which was a pearbavaroise with a pearcompott, brownies, caramelized hazelnut, butter caramel and a white chocolate decoration.

Cream Ice

Even if it's been hectic days the past few weeks this week feels kinda calm. Pretty nice since I’m a bit stressed over some other things parallel to assignments and school. No assignment this week maybe that's why. But I'm always looking forward for the assignments because that's when you get to rock your own thing! Otherwise I've been working on the flashmob I told you about last week. This Saturday we're having an event called Fasnacht in school, the biggest carnival event in Switzerland. And together with the students I've been practicing on a dance for this day, but I won't be able to be present on Saturday for the event because I am going on a tryout in another city. Crossing my fingers that it goes perfectly smooth and that I love it there. Now I’m chilling before I change into my work mode. Laterooo. Oh yeah, we're making ice cream this week(!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Perfect Melody

Thursday! And I just got back from a walk after my breakfast room service, aaah I love breakfast and morning walks. It feels like I've been working everyday since I came back to school. Long hours, early mornings and late nights, so walks helps me a lot to relax. Something else I'm planing to do today is booking tickets back home to Sweden next week (yaaaaay!!!). Goodbye for now, I have to check off some stuff from my to-do lists. Love Danna.