Dream big

The last day of September. And in two days I'm flying south of Europe, to fulfill my dreams.

You think you know me...

- I can absolutely not eat ketchup.
- I am a blood donator.
- I love checking of the To-Do lists.
- I never go on the A-wells on the street.
- I have a tattoo under my left foot which is a smiley face.

Birthday surprise

My friends had planned a surprise party for me. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such nice people, and be to surprised by them fills me with so much love.

You eat, but you still die

What my stomach has enjoyed the last few weeks.

A massive chocolate-salt and caramel cake.
 American pancakes, croissants, caramelpie, smoothie...
Jinx Foodtruck, I'm just saying: the best foodtruck.

Travel food.
Norwegian sushi, made by my sister.
Asian snacks. Mango, matcha tea and almond crush.
Crazy Duck.

 "Kjøttkaker hjemmelaget ertestuing, brun saus, ovnsbakte poteter og tyttebær"

Flambé sushi is the bomb.

Volcano-sushi. I was actually disappointed.
More sushi.


Scallops!!!!! <333
Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise. I like.
Dim sum. 

Blueberry curmble and PB&J.

생일 형제

Today I have a really bad cold, swollen and 19.