Victory!!! We won today's game against the leading team of the qualification, and it feels sooooo freaking good. We were under by ten in halftime. But then we turned it and won by two points. 64:62. One of the most nervracking games in a long time, but we did it. Together. FUCKING AWESOME. Now: Celebration tiiiiime.


Knäckebröds pizza

Lunch today. My brother was so happy because I was going to cook food for him today. I said I'll make pizza. First he was already sad because I told him it's vegeterian and then when he saw that it was knäckebröd (Swedish hard bread) that I was going to make the base out of he was even more sad. But when he tasted it he actually liked it!! (P.s. to be honest, it was the first time I made it so I didn't know how it would taste either haha)

Hiking, waterfalls and 35C

Just had my morning practice and now going through some photos from my backpacking trip in Asia. Yes I do miss it. I miss my hiking trips, getting lost and finding waterfalls. Great adventurous trip. What's next?

Pâte Choux

Train in the morning, baking on the day, and then train again in the evening. Two things I love deeply. Balance. This is what I made today!

French Mountains

Some pictures from when I was skiing in France a couple of weeks ago.

Nasty H

Hello! How is your Sunday so far? Me and the girls had a crazy long night yesterday, we fell asleep at 5AM and woke up just four hours after. So we all are pretty zombie alike today. We just drove back to Oskarshamn, and I think I'm in the mood for a long walk later so that's what's up next before it's time for dinner! See you.


Goodmorning guys. We all just woke up at my friends house after a nice calm night out yesterday. We had dinner at Pinchos, that's a restaurant chain where you order your food from an app and everything is decorated in a Circus theme. It was fun, but personally I don't like having the phone at the dinner table. Otherwise the food was good and the company even better. Well, now I have to get up and help the girls make breakfast!


Chicken Enchilada

So last night I met up with two friends and we made enchiladas for dinner. Turned out really good (maybe because we were so hungry) and it was nice to see them again. Today I'm roadtripping with some girlfriends to one of our other friends that lives in another city, and we are going to spend our weekend there. AND I'M SO EXCITED!!! Finally some girls talk, food and drinks with them.


Through my phone

I've really just been too lazy to update the blog since I've arrived to Sweden again. So last time I wrote I was on my way to Switzerland, met my friends and went skiing. When I returned to Sweden I started practicing with the basketball team a lot more. Morning - and evening practices, gym and game days. I love it though!!! Otherwise I have just been catching up with my friends again, working a bit, and ofcourse practice some pastry too. Tonight I'm going to meet up with some friends for dinner. See you!

I had dinner with mommy at a cozy café before flying to Switzerland.

There is nothing like skiing on French mountains.

Just look.

Cute and small little towns on the mountains.

Went to France to see my friend and her boyfriend. They are so welcoming an their home <3333

Her boyfriend is a great cook, and he made us crêpes on morning. I had them with butter and chocolate sprinkles (?!). I know... BUT IT WAS BOMB.

Osso Bucco. I called it Osso Bosso the first times and they kept laughing at me when i said that. Veal with tomatosauce. Also BOMB.

Came home to a colder climate in Sweden, but I got to see these new born babies!!! Melts my heart everytime.

My friend and I baked some bread for brunch one day. Hahaaha!

Brunching with banana pancakes, freshly baked bread etc.

Dinner with the team a couple of days ago. Afghanistan rice with chicken.

The Cutest Sister

On my way back to Switzerland right now! I'm so excited to see all my friends again, we planed to go skiing together this weekend. But I'm

not staying for so long this time. Just to visit. My dad and sister are in Vietnam right now and she just sent me the cutest picture of her. Hihi she makes me so happy.