BBQ night

Such a wonderful day yesterday! Me and my parents drove to another city to shop some stuff, and then me and Tina went to a burger place where we had super nice burgers before we headed home to my place. Our friends were waiting for bbq, drinks and dancing. Turned out to be one of the most cheerful days I've had this year.


Being home makes me feel so safe, calm, relaxed and the happiest I could be. Even though I love seeing the world and build my own life, I love this comfort my family gives me even more. Tomorrow me and my parents are going to a market, a Swedish market during the summer with my parents - wiiie, there's nothing else than smiles and happiness I could see in my head right now.


Me and my brother came back home a lot later than we thought yesterday. We were strolling in Stockholm for seven hours before we drove back home, which took us four hours. I took a shower and we watched a movie. And today I've met some friends and tonight finally some basketball with my old team!!!

Next stop

So tired after working till midnight and then wake up early to catch the train at 04.45. On the airport right now waiting for the gates to open. But I'm finally going home. Their is no other way I want to spend my vacation. See you Switzerland, see you Geneva.

Perfect Strangers

I'll be there for you.

I started playing Pokémon Go, that's why I've been bad at updating. No I'm just kidding (not kidding about the Pokémon part though). It has just been such a good weather and I've been planing some things and hanging out with friends a lot. And ofcourse I've been baking. Three more days of baking and then I'm flying home to my family. I MISS THEM.


Spreading some swedish touch in the French - and Swiss pastrykitchen. 
Swedish Cinnamonbuns (unbaked on the picture).

Live; My view

I rarely cook for myself but today and right now I'm eating shrimp with carrots, quinoa and lots of coriander after a gymworkout. AND IT'S FREAKING GOOOOOD! (It tastes better than it sounds and looks).


Okay, I'm trying a new shampoo and conditioner again. The other one wasn't that good for me. I hope these natural products are better.

Beautiful world

Unconditional love


Not oatmeal, not quark, not watermelon and not only fruits. Finally a proper lunch with salmon, quinoa, salad and quark sauce. (I hope you're happy now Jan).

Jimmy Choo

I know I've been a little bit off this week. But I haven't been in my best mood for a while - some personal life things happened. Anyway pastry always makes me in a better mood and today we had an afternoon tea for Jimmy Choo. Take a look! (P.s. The last picture is not a dessert. It's foie gras surrounded by dark chocolate, topped with sea salt and some caramel. If I liked it? I'm not a big fan of foie gras, but I know that my sister would love it and all the other foie gras lovers)


Her name is Boogie, and she's more than just a water bottle. So perfect and the best beauty essential I've ever bought. 

Everyday photos

Veggie burger and a classic cheese and beef burger with my sister. Looks like the burgers on the commercial right?
Random surprises from my colleagues <3
Sent a 3D postcard to Sweden.

Lemon tree

Drinking my lemon water and chilling in bed, I just woke up and the sun is lighting up the whole appartment. I'm thinking about going for a walk after and then the gym before work. But we'll see what I feel like. Have a great Friday guys.

In France looking down on Switzerland

So my sister was here for a couple of days. That woman. "She is awesome". We went to the beach one day, hiked on Mont Salève and had our breakfast on the top another day, and later one night we had some cocktails at my favorite bar here in Geneva. Anyway here are some photos!


This is for you, my biggest fan. You know who you are (wink-wink).
She is love in it's purest form.

My kind of "slice"

I've been struggling with my missing package deliver today... buhuuu, supersad now. Many phone calls to the customer service, emails to the company and a visit at the post office after I got to know that apparently my package has been sent back to the sender. But they told me they would try to get my package back to me. Cross your fingers with me!!! Anyway it's sooooo hot in Geneva right now and I'm constantly sweating. My sister says that's it's good to sweat but I have to take a (cold)shower everyday and even after that immediately I'm sweating AGAIN. But I still love this weather and I'm so excited for this weekend because my sister is coming to visit. And the watermelons are on sale so I can eat watermelon all day long. Happy weekend guys. Mmmmuah.