In Sweden and so ready for vacation. But my period in Geneva hasn't ended yet, I'm going back.

You guys.

Sorry for not updating for a while but this week has been so full with plans. I turned 20 and celebrated two days with my friends at restaurants and had wonderful food, wine and champagne. Finishing my packing and said goodbye to my pastry family in Geneva, because today I am flying back to Sweden. My feelings are all over right now, sad to leave but happy for new experiences and coming home for a while. I will remember these people I met here forever and ever. Right now I'm actually waiting at the gate to fly to Stockholm. I miss my family, the food and just chill, relax. See you soon! Hugs.

It's not easy to hike

It was really steep...


I started cleaning my apartment and packing my clothes today. It's sad thinking that I'm leaving soon because I will miss all the people I've met here a lot, especially my pastry team. BUT I'm going home to my family and then adventures!!! By the way I started watching Sherlock today too. Wow. Watch it.


I did something I haven't done since I was 14 this morning. I went to swim. I mean really swim. It is unbelievable how different capacity I have in different elements. I can run miles on land, but in water after 50m I can already feel that I'm struggling. I Iove challenges though, so this is definitely something I'm going to train and get better in. Hope you all are having a great day so far. I'm going to continue my report now and later apéro with my friends!

Like a scene from a movie

I just got lost...again. But I found this. Swiss you're amazing.

9 days

Happy girl soon finished with the 3000 words report and soon coming home to my loving family. WIIIIIE!!!!

My view right now

After a morning run.


Two graduations in less than one and a half years. I had a wonderful day with wonderful people who just gave me positive energy. Now there's new adventures out there waiting for me.


I graduated today!!!!!


So last week I went paragliding. It was really one of my best experience. I was flying like a bird, got a 360 degree view, I could touch the sky. I was curious, I've satisfied my curiosity and I'm happy with it. So happy. My body was shaking 30min after the landing because of my adrenaline and happiness. I'll do it again and again in the future. If you ever try it (ask for spins and aerobatics stuff, it's a must). 

My friend had a GoPro so she took all the photos up there. Unfortunately I don't have any, but it's all in my mind.


Hello. My friend read my horoscope in the beginning of the month and told me to be careful with my body and health because this month would be hectic for me. I think it's true. I'm so exhausted right now, just finished work and I literally just entered the door. Haven't had anything to eat the whole day (mom, dad, sis, bro, please don't be mad if you're reading this)... Guess I have to cook something even though if I just feel like laying in bed with my teddybear and read a book. Chao and see you bellas!!

Galette de Bretagne

Finished my day with an awesome evening with some awesome company in France. We had some French classic dish for dinner and some Italian classic for dessert. Now I'm going to bed. Bonne nuit.

Mood killer

Every time I think about my report I have to write for school about my time in Mandarin Oriental, my mood dies totally. I'm not in my "school mode" right now so it's hard for me to start writing. Minimum 3000 words in the end of this month or else... I don't know but I just want to be finished now now noooow!! Okay, let's go.


THIS. This is quality in life. I just keep getting blown away by Switzerland and France over and over again. Yesterday morning we took the car and started our trip towards Mont Blanc. The first thing we did was paragliding (I will talk more about that another time) which was amazing!!! After the paragliding we explored more but on heigher heights. 3842m. And wow. Just wow.

Aiguille du Midi

Bucket list

Paragliding - check. Yes today I went paragliding. Unbelievably amazing. 


Woke up in the middle of the night because I was dreaming about that my teeth were hurting. It wasn't a dream... my wisdom tooth decided to say hello and now it hurts so much. I can't chew anything. I hope it doesn't last for so long. But this picture makes me happier though;


I go through my camera roll and I have so many unshown pictures of all my hiking trips. Do you mind? Otherwise the rest of the album are pastry pictures haha! This day went by so fast, I had the whole day occupied... was planed to squeeze in time with a friend but now when I finished everything and looked at the time, it was too late. Feels soooo good to be back in bed though, I've missed it since 5am this morning. Tomorrow is a morning workout and work planed. Have a goodnight everyone out there. Hugs.

How's life?

Someone asked me that question today. And I answered so good. It's true, I appreciate everything I have. Anyway here's a random list ending this week;
The food I dislike the most? 
Everything that comes with ketchup.
The weather I dislike the most?
When it's grey and wet.
When I lose my temper immediately?
When people starts talking about something they think they know but it's so obviously that they dont have any knowledge about it at all.
Worst music?
The worst personalities?
Greedy, cheater, rude.

Jika - Mi Casa

Going for a swim soon, it's soooo freaking nice weather outside and I need to cool down. I love love love it. And then I think there was a Kebab Festival in town (?), if there is, I'm bringing my friend and our stomachs with me. Let's see. Hugs.

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. Haven't bought food for two months, so yesterday I though it was time. Found two products I was so curious about and wanted to try. Boursin and Rosemary - and sea salt crisps. OMG!!! TWO NEW FAVORITES. TRY TRY TRY. Best garlic creamcheese you will ever try and the crisp, so perfect.

Lost and found

Got so lost during my morning run today... I ran to another town and then my phone died. But there was no problem finding my way home again, I just followed the lake and now I'm eating breakfast. Later I'm meeting a friend I haven't met for a long time. Happy Friday guys!!!

1 September

Hello September! I can't believe it's already almost been one year since I've moved to Switzerland. Many things has happened and many more things are going to happen. (I will talk more about that further on). At his moment while I'm writing this, I'm at the beach resting after a morning run. Now my biggest problem is; what should I eat? Help?