5 things I usually eat and drink

- Pasta

- Sourdough with butter


- Green Tea

- Oranges

5 things I usually think

- "I wonder what I will eat later."

- "I have to remember to write this up."

- "Sweden is beautiful."

- "What should I train at the gym today?"

- "I want to try this dessert."

5 things I usually dream about

- Blood

- Desserts

- That I meet someone I haven't met in years

- That my family and I have a reunion in weird places

- That I'm in some kind of real - life game (like Hunger Games)

5 things I love to do

- Bike

- Feeling the sun and the heat

- Enjoy the feeling after a hard workout

- Eat my mothers and sisters food

- Goof around with my siblings

5 things I want to happen before the year ends

- Travel to Tokyo and Dubrovnik

- That I will eat something I've never eaten before

- Know how to handstand

- Go on a trip with my family

- Cook a three course dinner with my siblings



A quick update before I dive into bed. Been spending many hours of my days in the kitchen, working and training, and when I'm not in the kitchen I try to catch some fresh air. It was a beautiful weekend, the sky was in pastel colors. Just taking long walks outside with no music and just hearing the mother nature is one of my top favorite activites to do. Such a beautiful world we live in. Yesterday I made an attempt to cook some food of the ingredients that we had at home. Well, it was edible, but my sister does it hundreds and hundreds times better. I made pasta and tomatoe sauce, and it's just never ever the same as my sister does it... Anyway! At least I cooked something, it feels like I cook maximum one time a month. Now it's bedtime! Goodnight fellas!



A foggy Stockholm this morning.


Daily photos

Through my phone the couple of days and weeks.

When our brother was here and visited us we were looking for this Cevapi Foodtruck for one hour. And when we finally found it we had to wait for the food for one and a half hour. But we got our food after all and it's always fun going on spontanues adventures with my siblings.

One of the best ramena I've ever had! Totemo Ramen.

We've started with semlor at work and they are so good, especially the fillings!!

Here me and a colleague had our first Semla. Haha!!

Pasta night last night with my sister and her friend. I'm in a period when I can eat pasta for every meal.

Good vibes only

Can you see what a beautiful view we have every morning?


Nine months

They've survived nine months. NINE! My first plants and I grew them all by myself, and they are still alive. I'm going to take good care of you guys. 

Avocado plants I finally put in earth tonight. Before they've just been in glasses filled with water.


Vacation mode: ON

Well hello blog and hello 2018! It doesn't really feel like a new year has started when I'm still on a vacation mode haha. I think it's cozy though, and an extra plus for my sister - she's back! The plans for the week are few, Im going to sketch and plans son new desserts and train. That's the only two things I have planned for the week. So nice. Going back to my "vacation" now. Hugs.


Happy New Year