Phuket 2016

First of all sorry for the really bad quality of the pictures. I don't know what going on, but I've been trying to fix it for two hours now and it just doesn't want to come out the way I want to... I give up. Anyway, after Bangkok I flew to Phuket and stayed there for five days. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I personally really liked Phuket because I could hike a lot, and I found small beaches where I was most of the time totally alone. I rented a scooter so I could ride anywhere whenever I wanted, yes the traffic is insane, but it was one of the best experiences during my whole trip in Asia. SO RENT A SCOOTER if you go to Thailand. I hope the pictures aren't too bad for you guys. HERE YOU GO!!

I landed in Phuket early in the morning.

Lived in a Condominium with a beautiful view.

During one of the nights I went to see a show. I'm not a big fan of "touristy" attractions and shows, but this lady I met while walking one night outside in Phuket told me that I should go watch it. I wasn't really convinced but I bought a ticket anyway and went. One of ten times "touriststuff" can surprise you, and this was one of them. To me this was absolutely incredible, a little insight into Thailands history and culture. Don't miss it!!! (Siam Niramit Phuket) P.s There's live elefants.

Found many different waterfalls while hiking in Phuket.

Hiking in my slippers.


An old tree.

Food. That's a whole fish with papayasalad on top. I don't remember what the rest was.

One of Phukets beaches.

I went snorkeling for the first time.

Tried my GoPro under water, sooooo coooooool!!!

I went hiking up uo the Big Buddha an early morning, OH MY GOD I WAS DROWNED IN MY SWEAT. So hot. But it was worth it, amazing view.

Behind Big Buddha.

Food after swimming.


What's up Beaches!!



One of the nightmarkets I went to, I love nightmarkets, and I miss them too.

Nitrogen Ice Cream. Very refreshing because it was so hot, and I the consistency was cool too.

Mama Roti Banana.

Roti Banana with nutella. It's like a crispy pancake made out of roti dough filled. 5/5 streetdessert.

Took me 2 and a half hour to hike to this waterfall.

And I was alone!!!

Me and my scooter discovering the island together.

Créme Brulée Donuts

Made some Créme Brulée Donuts today. BOMB.


Best thing this week:


It's just Monday so the week has just started. But what I can tell you is that I donated some blood again today, and finally had some hotpot with the family. I'm so happy to be around them!




Worst thing this week:


That mom had to go to the hospital because she twisted her ankle the other day, AND she had to wait in the emergency room for three hours...




What I think about a lot:


Generally I feel that I'm thinking a lot about work and what other projects I want to do this year. I actually know what I want to do but I am still thinking about how I'm going to do it.




This week I am looking forward to:


Mostly I'm looking forward to have a day with my brother. I haven't hanged out with him since I arrived to Sweden. My little brother!! <3 Otherwise I'm seeing my friends I haven't met yet (!), cook some food and hang out. Finally I decided to sign a contract to play basketball for a team.




Tomorrow's plans:


I'm going to drive my father and sister to the airport early in the morning because they are flying to Vietnam. Brunch with Tina, get our nails done (I rarely do that, about twice a year? Not even twice...), have dinner with a friend I danced with and then basketball.




What am I going to do on Sunday:


Wake up and have a really cozy breakfast with my mother and brother. Maybe take a walk and just chill.


Thailand #1

After Vietnam I flew over to Bangkok. What I've read about Bangkok before I arrived was that they have alot of department stores, it's alot about shopping and a much more "modern" side of Asia. The second thing I read was that Bangkok is one of the most famous cities when it comes to streetfood. And because I'm not a big fan of shopping at all, I just went there for the food hahha. And yes, this city is a food heaven.

I queued for almost one hour to try these cheesetarts from a famous cheesetart company called "Pablo".

I was so dissapointed though... I think social medias that I've read and said that it was a must - try, gave me too high hopes and I just got dissapointed because really, it wasn't that special.

Mango and sticky rice!!! This was bomb though.

Hahhaa, when I told my mom that I've tried crickets, worms and other insects and bugsshe just screamed. It wasn't disgusting, it was just the look of it that was scary. Otherwise it just tasted like fried, crispy things. But the small worms to the left on the picture was really disgusting. The consistency was exactly what you would expect that a worm would be, that, I would never eat again.

I saw a long queue on the other side of the street when I was walking in China Town. I didn't know what the people were waiting for but the people in line said it was good so I went into the line and waited for one and a half hours. I got these grilled white breads with different fillings (butter and sugar, chili and chocolate). It was okay, but not worth one and a half hour.

Morning markets, night markets, floating markets, I love them all!!

Coconut icecream in a real coconut with sticky rice and red beans. I know it sounds weird with this combination, but it's actually really tasty. 

Roti banana. Very crispy pancake with bananas and condensed milk. So sweet, but so good.

Floating market.

I ordered food from the different boats at the floating market, sat down and had a nice lunch in the heat.

Sticky rice in a bamboo stick.

I visited many temples when I was in Asia, and they're all beautiful in different ways.

Real gold on a statue.


One night I went out with a boat to the sea to see fireflies. I can't show you how amazing it was to see small lightning bugs flying around trees just near the water. All quiet and peaceful. Incredible. 

With you

I've been working together with my sister today, and then we finally had lunch together outside for the first time since we came back to Sweden. I really like spending time with her, and soon we're separating again... Went to practice some basketball too, and my coach brought a contract, wanted me to join and play with the team while I was home. Haven't signed it yet but I promised to think about it. And now my mom and sister are watching a serie next to me while I'm looking through all the medias and trying to read. Anyway, so long and Goodnight guys.

January, February, March 2016

Recap 2016!


I spent my first days of 2016 in Venice with a friend I studied with in Switzerland. You're literally surronded by water.

We didn't have a map, so we went lost alot. But it didn't bother me, because this island was so interesting. It felt like I was in a maze for four days. We just walked around from early mornings to late evenings. Took alot of pictures and had food in cute and small restaurants near the water. 

When I went back to Switzerland one of my friends came to visit me, and one of the nice dinners we had was in a cozy chalet with cheese fondue, rösti and sausage (Swiss food I would say).

Back in school! We made cakes the first week, and ate... alot.


Celebrated Chinese New Year without my family for the first time. But I had a really nice time with all my classmates from all around the world anyway.

Found new places in Lucerne. Switzerland will never stop surprising me. 

We made more cakes, here, Ice Cream cakes!!!

Fasncacht 2016.


One of my favorite weeks in school was the sugar work classes. Yes, it was damn hot, but it was soooo freaking fun. I loved it.

This team is freaking love. I miss them.

My last cake I made in school for my final exam. Cheesecake mousse, raspberry interior, crumble, passionfruit glaze.

One of the last nights with my classmates. I'm so happy I got the chance to meet these people.

Baby shower

Surprised a friend with a baby shower today who's having a baby girl in less than one month!!! We played some games, had some swedish "fika", and she got to open some presents. She was very happy and I can't wait to see her baby.

A moment to remember

Woke up a couple of hours ago, already finished a workout with my sister, had lunch with my family and soon I'm going to start watching a movie before going to work. Currently I'm working at one of my old workplaces, in the VIP area at a hockey arena, and it has nothing to do with pastries or food. I sell and make drinks, more like a a bartender job. Anyway, have a nice Saturday!

Vietnam #3

One of my favorite places in Vietnam was Da Lat. It's one of the cities in Vietnam that has a lower temperature than the others cities in Vietnam, around 22C. I stayed here for about one week, spent the days hiking, looking for waterfalls, and viewpoints. In the evenings I went out the the nightmarkets and ate streetfood and drank homemade hot soymilk. You should definitely go here if you are in Vietnam.

Winner, winner, Chicken dinner

I had such a cozy night with a friend last night cooking and talking till late. Today I took the bus early to a town to one of my closest friend who just got an apartment a couple of months ago, and finally I get to see it!! We went shopping for plants and groceries earlier and now her and her boyfriend are making burgers. Soon dinner!! Hugs.

Exotic fruits

Different fruits that I tried when I was traveling in Asia!

Custard Apple and Sherry (?)
Star Apple
Other types of Coconut
Mangosteen <3
More Coconuuuts