Bread week

Some of the breads we made this week. 

Different kinds of bread with bacon, olives, saffron, fruits and nuts.

Chocolate croissants.


Pumpking carving

Spent my evening carving pumpkins with the best teammates...soon it's time for Halloween.

You're goldie

So long day, I just wanna lay in bed and listen to music the rest of the night. But I can't because I have work to do buhuu. 

Travel and bake

Finally home after a long day in the french part of Switzerland, where we were on a forum and got the chance to meet different companies from everywhere around the world, apply for jobs and get inspiration. Otherwise, I was on some interviews and presentations. I just feel more every day that this is what I want to do. Travel and bake. It's incredible that every day you get to meet new people and get good feedbacks of these makes me so happy, I wish that everyone got to experience that. And what about the french part of Switzerland, Montreux? Omg, it was like the city was Photoshopped, so so so beautiful.

Freezing in Lucerne.

I like mondays

When the alarmclock rang this morning I was so happy that I went to bed before 12AM yesterday. Avoid having to get up and feel that you are really tired, avoid coming home from school stressed and tired to death. I've already had a french lesson, had time for a workout, iron my chef's jacket for tomorrow when we're going on the International Recruitment Forum and some paperwork. Now? Watch Boyhood. Then? Take a walk and do things like new-week-new-opportunities-activities.

(picture from yesterday when we took a walk by the lake)

Mood: Sunday

I'm tired today. I guess Off is tired too, because she's still sleeping. But yesterday was a beautiful day - Farmers Market, eating ice cream by the lake, deep-talks and dancing. And today I just have one plan; go for a very long walk. Hugs.

An extra beautiful Saturday.

My Saturday has been something like this: Me and Off woke up around 10, it was so nice to catch up some sleep hours. I don't regret it at all that I didn't go out yesterday night. We went down for brunch at 11 - dimsum, eggs, meat etc. And then we went to the Farmersmarket, tasted chocolate of different varieties, ate ice cream and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Saturday <3

Night view from our balcony

Rounding off this week with a fresh shower and music in the room with roomie, what more do I need a Friday? The gang is going out, I will see if I'll join. My puff pastry assignment went well, it felt good during the whole process. But I thought that I wasn't so nervous about the test before we began, but I was shaking during the whole thing. Oh well, happy Friday everyone.



In bed. This friday started so freaking nice.

Killer on the dancefloor

Okay, I intend to devote a post and go into more details and describe one of all the different people I hang with here. I understand that it is tricky to know all my friends, but I still want you to know a little about some of all the brilliant people. So here is a description of my roommate.


Ana, aka Off, is not only my friend but also my partner, classmate and the one I have the deepest talk with here in Switzerland. The first time I met her, it was midnight, she had just arrived to the school and was packing up when I came into our room. We talked so long that night that we forgot about the time, we became quite fast friends and soon she was my partner-in-crime.

Ana is not the one I spent the most time with, but she's the person I hold closest to me here. We usually only meet in the morning and after dinner, but regardless of whether it is a problem, a life event, a gossip or a video of a cute dog we will tell and talk to eachother. We are the best (or she is) at sleeping, and to understand each other with just a simple face expression. Ana is brilliant in all the best ways, funny, sharp, kind and serious in a lovely little mix. She loves instant noodles and can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but she still kills it and have some really nice skills in the kitchen. And she is THE best on the dancefloor. What can I say? She did a pretty damn good first impression on me. Lots of love to you best roommate <3

Football and beer

I'm gonna end this long day in a cozy bar and football with the gang now. Hugs.

Puff pastry

Flor, water, salt and butter makes this incredible dough. 

YOU WILL NEED (For German puff pastry):
825g water
45g salt
1650g flour
165g butter #1

1000g butter #2

Start by mixing water, butter #1, salt and flour together to a dough. Enclose butter #2 with the dough. Do four double turns, but let the dough rest between turns and before working out. Fill and shape however you like. Sooo damn good.

Dedication and time

Had so much to do today. A lot of school means a lot of paper, a lot of work, a lot of writing and very little sleep. On Friday we have our first assignment - Puff pastry. It will be fun. Otherwise? I cut myself for the first time since I came here today and my throat has improved. The clock is nearly half past eleven and I have not even done half of all the schoolwork I planned to finish today. Tomorrow my first lesson begins at six and last lesson ends at 18...this means goodbye and hugs for now. (In class today we made puff pastry, the results? I'll show you another day)

Chocolate Muffin

Yesterday I ate the BEST chocolate muffin ever. I usually don't like muffins because I think they're too dry...but this one. Omg, this one...had EVERYTHING.  Size, taste, not too sweet, and chocolate chocolate and chocolate. Today I just had french and now I'm free for the rest of the day. Going to town with a friend now. Hugs.

Pilatus Hike

This morning we took the bus to Kriens. Here our journey through the forest of Pilatus began. It was very foggy and rainy today, but we went anyway. The walk started with about an hour very steep and rocky uphill. We were unfortunately not on the top, because it would take us four hours and it was too expensive and not worth to take the cablecar if we were not able to see anything because of the fog. So after having a rest we started to walk around the mountain and down again. A brisk but quite wonderful start on a Sunday. Now me and my roommate are listening to music. She's going to eat noodles and I will lay on my bed before the BBQ-dinner. Hugs.

Cheese, chocolate and chestnut

Hi from a cold Lucerne. Today me and my roommate were on a cheesefestival.

Me + cheese = <3


Fondue #1.


...for open air-fondue to get ready. My best rommie to the left.

I think this was fonudue #4...or 5.

Perfect weather for open air-fondue.

I tried chestnut for the first time. Not satisfied. Needs butter - smileyface.

That was everything for now. Wishing you all an awesome Saturday!

Linzer Tarte and Deer's Back

Yesterday my last class ended at 18, after a long week and long lessons, I was now ready for two days of rest. Just want to spend my weekend with walks and strolling. And hikeing of course. Felt nice to come "home" to my bed and my teddy bear, two of the best things.

This week we made Linzer torte with raspberry jam.


Without glaze.

Glazed with apricot jam.

To be honest I thought the pie was really sweet, but it looks pretty.

Building Deer's Back (not literally).

The Deer's Back dessert is a chocolate - japonais filled with a almond butter mixture and kirsch flavoured buttercream.

Moment of truth.

I like. Better than the Linzer tarte.

Thursday update

This morning has gone by quickly, the only minus is that I've caught something so my throat hurts and I cough regularly. Anyway, five pictures from this morning. 

My morning started at six. Braided my ponytail in the bathroom and then I went for breakfast.

First lesson today. Chocolate Hollander was one of the dessert we finished up from yesterdays preparation.

Sweet paste, apricot jam, chocolate- and almond filling, praliné and almond flakes or cacao nibs.

Mini fruit-tart shells. The round balls are small ceramic balls that you use when you "blind" bake a pie crust.

Filled appletarts straight out of the oven.

Current mood

My morning began with a four hour class in the pastry kitchen. We made Chocolate Hollander, Almond gugelhupf and linzer dough. Very simple, and maybe I'll post some pictures some other day. But no promises. Starting next lesson in an hour so trying to fix some homework and paperwork - everything from the bed. Hugs.


It's Tuesday, and I have not had a lesson yet. But I have eaten breakfast and I've went for a morning jog. And fixed some paperwork. Must wash my clothes and clean up a bit today as well... Plans today? Chill. Chill. Maybe go for a jog again. Bake. Chill.


A list.

When did you wake up this morning?  9.00

If you could choose anything to eat right now, what would it be?  Sweet and seedless watermelon.

What are you going to do tonight?  I don’t know yet. The gang doesn’t have any plans tonight and that is very rare.

What is the first song you put on today? This.

Did you buy something today, what?  Yes, new stockings and ice cream at Mc Donalds.

What do you think about your blog? It is important for me, because it is one of the sources that's making it able for me to share small doses of my life to my friends and family everyday.

If you extend your legs straight out, what touches you at the time? A wall.

What are you wearing now? 
 Adidas pants and a black top.


Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?

My weekend has mostly consists of much dancing and late nights. When we're not out clubing, we have been out strolling in the city. My indian friend bought a Spongebob heliumballoon today on the carnival, I think it was cute. Now I am dead tired, so I'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed. Goodnight.

Saturday hike

I just came back from a 3 hour long hike. The weather was cloudy, but it was a great start of the day.

Right place, right time.

My Friday started with a lesson at 6:00. Observed mostly when the older students made breakfast. After the lesson, I went home...or to my room and slept. At ten, I had french, and then I ate lunch. It is Friday and in an hour I am going to meet up with the other new students, and we are going to celebrate our first week with activities, dinner and party. HAPPY FRIDAY!

I'm so happy right now!!!!!!

Omg. Do I need to say more?

Wake me up

Last night I was at the gym and trained after school which ended at 18. It's fun to train somewhere else than what you are used to, then it was movie night with the gang. I like them and have so much fun with those friends I have found here. An exotic mix from around the world who click damn good together. Now I'm going to chill out and maybe get some sleep before the french lesson which begins in 35min. Hugs.

Long days.

Yesterday me and my friends were out until late at night, adventures in a new place is something I will never say no to. And today I'm tired. Had difficulty keeping eyes open in class, buuuut I survived and it was worth it. I'm going to take a powernap before dinner at 18. Here is a sneakpeak of today's outfit before I take my nap. Widerluege! (Goodbye)


School uniform

Yep, we have to wear school uniforms. But I think it feels and looks so professional. The school uniforms aren't ugly either, but all the girls hast to wear heels from 6:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday (except if you are in the kitchen). It's probably one of my highlights during the day to take off my heels in the evening. Otherwise? I love it here and now I'm going to lunch. Hugs.

Summer 2015

Because I was really bad at updating my blog over the summer, I intend to share with you some summer memories now. And then I and some of the other students at the school actually planned to watch a horror movie tonight. But first, a summary of my summer.

There were not many barbeques this summer, because the weather let us down.

But there were some, and hot-dogs were a big favorite. Sausage-delux with mayonnaise and roasted onion.

During the sunny days I went swimming and sunbathed, ofcourse.

I Ate salmon and potato on Le Pain Francais.

A serious picture (maybe).

A bike-night in Gothenburg. This is actually one of my best summer memories.

One of my last nights with my classmates. We made smore´s. 5/5!!

  was out dancing almost every weekend.

Mother and lilttle brother<3 I bought ice cream for us this day.


My sister makes the best meatballs. 

But this was also good, because I was hungry.

Sister, I and some friends were in the Universeum in Gothenburg.

It was hot in there. Really really really hot.


Sunday in Switzerland

Lucerne is so pretty and there are still summer feelings in the air. It smells good and there is life in the city without it becoming irritating. And I love my friends who comes from everywhere around the world. India, Romania, China, Thailand, France, you name it and I really enjoy their company and hanging with them. We ended the day with a drink and welcomed our new lives. And with that I say goodnight.

The apartment.

I thought you would wanna check out how I live. Here we go!

The morning view from my bed.

I have a thai girl as my roommate. And on the desk to the left, I write all of my blog posts.

And I sleep here.

I love our room. It's bright and fresh.

The wardrobe is big and here is where I keep all my clothes.

Above the bed there is a card and a sitting monkey from my friends, but I plan to put up more.

A part of Lucerne from my balcony.

Switzerland. Day 1.

Okay, my first day on the Swiss ground.

After we had eaten brunch we went to the fair in the city. We went on the Ferris wheel.


To see the view. Here is Lucerne (the town I live in).

I made bubbles.

Chapel Bridge.

There was swans everywhere.

Beautiful roof in a beautiful church, Jesuitenkirche.

Lion de Lucerne.

For dinner we ate pasta of different kinds.

A part of our corridor.

Finished the day with a visit at a club with a disco ball.


I'm sitting on an airplane right now on the way to the fall in Switzerland, and I feel nervous, but quite magical in every way. I have been waiting for this for ten months. I'm gonna breathe in the country for a year, and then we will see what life offers. The excitement is so big inside my stomach this moment! And no one is happier than me. See you guys down there.

Unaware sponsorship

Now I'm sitting on the bus on the way to Stockholm. My friends were able to surprise and say goodbye to me one last time before I left the country. There was many hugs. I will miss you guys.

One day left

Packed a little bit and tomorrow I am flying to Switzerland (!). There is a year with my new anonymous roommate and a dream waiting for me. Feel so happy and satisfied with life. Hugs.