Last days of 2017

The best Ricotta pancakes I've ever had.




Sushi Sho

Sushi Omakase dinner last night! Mmmmmmm!

















A sneak peak of what I've been doing at work lately.

Birthday cakes

Made cakes for a birthday girl at work this weekend. Strawberry and vanilla!

Cake, chocolate, sushi

Goodmorning guys. Been thinking about a promise I made a couple of months ago that I would sooner or later post about my trip in Asia and a recap of last year. I really want to, and I will try to make it this week (but no promises). I'll bribe you with some food and dessert pics that's been on my phone lately until then instead.

A vanilla dessert with ten layers of different textures, served with roasted peaches, vanilla macarons and peach sorbet.
One of our "today's lunch dessert", it's vanilla pannacotta, a lemon "ring", chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, caramel crunch and a quenelle of raspberry sorbet.
From our dessert lunchbuffet - brownie, baked white chocolate cream, vanilla pannacotta, meringues, dulce de lèche and raspberry gel.
Two desserts from our new à la carte menu with flavours of - Strawberry and coconut in the front, and at the back it's Mango and Guanaja Valrhona chocolate.
Some of my pralines I made the other week. Coming more soon!!
Filling up our macaron stock.
A cake order from last week.
And sushi dinner with sister yesterday evening. We both liked the nigiris more than the maki (they were so big). My absolute favourite was the nigiri with scallops (the two at the back on the right side).

Desserts goes to the heart.



The only way to do great work is to love what you do.



Gua Bao mmmm

Me and my brother made some bomb ass dinner today, everything homemade from scratch! Really happy with the baos and also the meat. I don't eat meat often, but when I do, it's got to be worth it. And this was!!! Now I have to go to sleep because mom is flying to Vietnam early tomorrow morning and I will send her from the airport. Goodnight peopleeee.

Sunshines and Seashells

Been baking the whole morning today. I don't know if mom is going to be happy or angry when she comes home from work and sees that I've been baking again. Our freezer is totally packed, so whenever I bake we always give away to friends. And our family is not really a sweet tooth family. But it doesn't stop me from doing what I love the most!!

Knäckebröds pizza

Lunch today. My brother was so happy because I was going to cook food for him today. I said I'll make pizza. First he was already sad because I told him it's vegeterian and then when he saw that it was knäckebröd (Swedish hard bread) that I was going to make the base out of he was even more sad. But when he tasted it he actually liked it!! (P.s. to be honest, it was the first time I made it so I didn't know how it would taste either haha)

Pâte Choux

Train in the morning, baking on the day, and then train again in the evening. Two things I love deeply. Balance. This is what I made today!

Exotic fruits

Different fruits that I tried when I was traveling in Asia!

Custard Apple and Sherry (?)
Star Apple
Other types of Coconut
Mangosteen <3
More Coconuuuts

Saturday Supper

Amazing dinner tonight. Still dreaming about those scallops...
Scallops with parsnip purée, brown butter and tapioca pearls

Tuna in asianmarinade and sunrootpurée

Green peas - and mint icecream

Scallops and Wild boar

Last nights Saturdaydinner with an old colleague. He is a hunter so I tasted wild boar for the first time yesterday, not what I expected but I liked it! It was much less fat than I expected even though it's a pig animal.

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. Haven't bought food for two months, so yesterday I though it was time. Found two products I was so curious about and wanted to try. Boursin and Rosemary - and sea salt crisps. OMG!!! TWO NEW FAVORITES. TRY TRY TRY. Best garlic creamcheese you will ever try and the crisp, so perfect.

Palm tree

My brothers best friend found this gigantic apple at his workplace. ENORMOUS!! I think it equals three normal sized apples.

This <3 If you ever come to Sweden you have to try "mjukglass" - it's soft icecream, but Swedish soft icecream is something else. The creamiest and the most perfect icecream (if you ask me).

Sibylla. Swedish fast food chain I was craving. 

New Magnum icecream me and my brother tried. Double coated with chocolate and peanutbutter or caramel between the chocolate layers. Looks better than it tasted...

That's butter. Family Vu loves butter.


Spreading some swedish touch in the French - and Swiss pastrykitchen. 
Swedish Cinnamonbuns (unbaked on the picture).

Live; My view

I rarely cook for myself but today and right now I'm eating shrimp with carrots, quinoa and lots of coriander after a gymworkout. AND IT'S FREAKING GOOOOOD! (It tastes better than it sounds and looks).


Not oatmeal, not quark, not watermelon and not only fruits. Finally a proper lunch with salmon, quinoa, salad and quark sauce. (I hope you're happy now Jan).

Jimmy Choo

I know I've been a little bit off this week. But I haven't been in my best mood for a while - some personal life things happened. Anyway pastry always makes me in a better mood and today we had an afternoon tea for Jimmy Choo. Take a look! (P.s. The last picture is not a dessert. It's foie gras surrounded by dark chocolate, topped with sea salt and some caramel. If I liked it? I'm not a big fan of foie gras, but I know that my sister would love it and all the other foie gras lovers)

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