5 things I usually eat and drink

- Pasta

- Sourdough with butter


- Green Tea

- Oranges

5 things I usually think

- "I wonder what I will eat later."

- "I have to remember to write this up."

- "Sweden is beautiful."

- "What should I train at the gym today?"

- "I want to try this dessert."

5 things I usually dream about

- Blood

- Desserts

- That I meet someone I haven't met in years

- That my family and I have a reunion in weird places

- That I'm in some kind of real - life game (like Hunger Games)

5 things I love to do

- Bike

- Feeling the sun and the heat

- Enjoy the feeling after a hard workout

- Eat my mothers and sisters food

- Goof around with my siblings

5 things I want to happen before the year ends

- Travel to Tokyo and Dubrovnik

- That I will eat something I've never eaten before

- Know how to handstand

- Go on a trip with my family

- Cook a three course dinner with my siblings



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