9 weeks.

I have thought about it so many times, but isn't it so cool that you could actually take a plane and just jump forward in time to a completely different place on earth like I did when I flew to Asia? I think about my trip in Asia every other day, and just the thought of everything Ive experienced and how perfect the trip was makes me smile so big. I was never in major problems or trouble during my whole trip. It was just in the beggining, the first week, when I had stomach problem (I think there was something wrong with the metabolism or that I wasn't used to the different bacterias in the food from European to Asian) otherwise there was no problems with check-in's or luggages etc. Who could believe that? I didn't.

You know when everyone says that you develop as a person when ou travel abroad on such a long journey - I confirm, it's true. I have never known that I appreciated the little things so much, as much as I do now. I mean good food, a gym, internet or even clean clothes. I didn' spend my nights at fancy hotels with clean showers, and most of the times I didn't have clean clothes. So you just appreaciated when you got into a hostel where they had a decent shower and you could take a cold shower and afterwards put on some newly washed clothes. I have always been open and social as a person (except when I was a little kid) and I love meeting new people, but this experience opened me up even more to people. Without thinking, you open up and send time with people you otherweise don't "usually" spend time with. What might be the biggest difference is that I stopped thinking so much. My spontaniety and craziness have always been high, but now it's on a whole new level and I started using the idea "Why not?" as a life motto. In other words, I have had such a pleasent experience, and I have started daring more and doing things I usually or before didn't dare to do. The trip has developed me in a way that made me start to face my fears and dared to grab things I wouldn'y do before.

People have asked me "Isn't it hard to travel by yourself?", and my answer has always been "No, even though I travel by myself, I have never felt alone." I've met so many people, partly because, as I said, I opened up, but also because other people tend to dare to talk to a persom who is by herself instead of those in groups. Do you understand what I mean? So I haven't had a problem meeting new people, which is so fun because I have a a lot of people that I would not meet if it was not because I was traveling by myself.

That trip was fantastic in many ways, I've developed my independence in an incredibly large way. I planned, organized and solved this trip on my own, where no tours were organized, no travel agencies or anything like that was involved. I have managed everything completely by myself, and it has been incredibly fun. Soon, in the end of this week I am packing my bags again. To a new destination and I am so thrilled with happiness and excitement.


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