Malaysia #1

After being in bangkok for a week I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was so surprised by how many different cultures, kinds of national origins and ethnicities. Chinese, Indians, Singaporian, Taiwanese and alot more. Modern city, with very good indian food!!!

When I landed in Kuala Lumpur I took the buss to the city. I liked the decoration in the bus.

Firs thing I ate was Roti with a spicey, flavourful dipping sauce (?), drank Mango lassi with it. 

One of Malaysians desserts - Cendol. Looks creep I know. But it was like shaved ice, topped with some jelly things and beans, and then a sugar syrup. Nice in the hot and humidity weather.

Went for a walk in the city and saw these babies.

My main goal the first day was to see the Twin Towers. It was beauuuutiful at night. So so soooo beautiful!!!

I went back to the Indian restaurant that I was in earlier that day. This time I had naanbread with Butter Chicken. I really miss Malaysia because of the Indian food... it is soooooo freaking good.

 Ended my night watching a water show, and it wasn't planned. I just sat down near the water and 30 seconds later the show just started. My first water show.


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