The Barn

Let me just talk about this burger I ate while I was in Gothenburg. I had some expectations before going there, my brother and his friends had been there once and they said that "It was freaking amazing."  And then two other friends recommended me to go there too. And I did. We came right on time just before they opened up for the day, but there were already so many people standing outside waiting to be seated. Luckily we already had booked a table. We ordered our burgers and while we were waiting we could see the burgers flying out from the kitchen, we started to get so hungry and just hoped that the next burgers were for us. A couple of minutes later, it came.

Right in front of me I got a perfect stacked burger (reminded my of the Krusty Crabs burger on Spongebob.)

It looked so simple, but let me tell you. It was simple PLUS A LOT MORE!

Look at it! First bite, "omg", second bite "OMG!, third bite "This is the best burger I’ve ever had!". So juicy, creamy, flavorful, PERFECT. No doubt in the world that this is my favorite burger so far.

Perfect soft bun that catched all the juice, amazing maple syrup glazed braided (!) bacon, perfect pickled red onions and the mayo - SHIIIIIET! I loved everything about this. GO HERE if you are passing by Gothenburg. Just do it.


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